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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Amazing Polly -- We Are Now Dependent On A System That Makes No Sense

There are few alternatives for most people.

People are being forced to follow insane rules.    This is truly a concentration camp method.

They are releasing dangerous criminals (to avoid COVID spread), and shooting people who won't wear a mask.   This is a form of "gaslighting", stuff that is so conflicting in making any sense, makes you wonder if you are crazy. 

The ordeal is constantly varied, a classic technique of mind control, torture.

But sometimes you get to choose your own instrument of torture, self torture or we will do it for you. 

Amazing Polly details many of my own ideas, as well as having many of her own and great research.

Ii created an article positing how this appears to be attempting MKUltra mind control, over not just 1 or two people, but over a large population.

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