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Saturday, July 18, 2020

If you Subtract the Senior-Cide Murders It's Just a Normal/High Flu Season

About 60,000 killed in Nursing Homes, 83% of those in Bad Actor States, I have collected the

If you subtract the Nursing home murders from the total death (around 132,000 today, and even that is obviously inflated) you would have around 72,000 Total all source flu and pneumonia.    

There is NO WAY this should even be called a Pandemic.

Not even a "bad flu" year, just on the high side.
directive letters that caused those murders.     Here is one, click for larger view. 

Here are 2 others for New Jersey and Pennsylvania in this link.

Also included are the Deaths per State, although this is a few weeks old now.

You can download my spreadsheet too, which has links to some of the State sites.

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