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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Fauci and Birx Pushing The Envelope On How Much Abuse People Will Take And Comply With Insane Orders

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It's lies and misdirection, gaslighting, isolation and abuse.   Most Americans are failing the test.

So as a Sociopathic abuser, and elements of Narcissistic Abuse too, the Jesuit Cabal with Fauci near it's top ranks, is assessing how far they can push the abuse.

There could even be elements of Stockholm syndrome going on.   When the victim identifies with their kidnapper and abuser, thinking the abuser is their "only way out".

Fauci announces that people should also start wearing Face Shields.   Some sheep will probably think they are being defiant and brave and thinking for themselves when they say no way, the Mask is as far as I will go.

And then Birx chimes in, in support.

And if you haven't seen this before, its the best 15 minutes of the year.   Very important.   Explains how they overthrew Yugoslavia, and how the exact same chain of events, with a virus thrown in.


  1. A face shield now! First it was (fauci) a mask won't do any good; then (fauci) we want to save the masks for the healthcare workers, then we got to wear a mask, now a face shield. Next? a full body tyvex suit? (can we decorate them too?) I don't believe these people have the authority to make up rules like this. Maybe snake Gates is behind it.
    Where is a virus? Has a virus been isolated?

    1. I believe it to be a test of abuse, what can they get away with.

  2. A test of abuse for sure. We be passing the test(s) with flying colors -- the Jolly Roger, in fact! Congrats to all US citizens (slaves).

    Now, one level below that, rests the silent, pissed-off majority, building steam pressure like there's no tomorrow for the broiler! AND THERE IS NO TOMORROW! Get off your duffs and go the extra mile!

    For those with memories intact, recall that Napoleon Hill, commissioned by Carnegie and read by William Gates, Jr. (supposedly), also advocated this as a lifelong, life-giving strategy to "think and grow rich".

    Anna Von Reitz has a tear-jerking update to this admonition.


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