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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

This is Not A Civil War, This Is An Attempted Overthrow of the United States Of America

I posted that on VOAT and below are a few of the thoughtful replies.

It's not a civil war yet, but if the likes of Jerry Nardsler, Adam Shitforbrains, Occasional Cortex and Nancy Pigosi keep up their push against the silent majority...they will soon realize that a civil war has indeed become their worst nightmare! I really do hope that a civil war can be avoided, however, I really think it's wishful thinking if we really want our country back. Never in history has freedom been purchased with anything less than a blood bath.

The only thing that can be exchanged for Freedom are the lives of Patriots and Tyrants. This is a hard, cold fact or law if you will. And it makes sense when you think about it because what is more important than freedom? If Jesus had to purchase our freedom from the grip of sin and death by shedding His blood on the can be sure that same law applies to freedom in general on this earth.

It also occurs to me that the leftists in our nation are hell bent and literally possessed with the goal of destroying our very way of life. When you look at a leftist, what you are looking at is someone who is either so brain dead that they cannot see rationally at any level, or you are looking at someone who for all intents and purposes is a psychopath and wants you dead and gone. They want to destroy our lives and they will not stop no matter what.

The scene from the first Terminator movie comes to mind where the male character is trying to explain the motivation of the Terminator and tells Sarah that it will not stop until she's dead because it was programmed to kill her! There will be no working with them, not finding common ground, no appeasing them if we meet some of their demands, no living in peace with them once Trump is out of office either in four years or next January. Understand where we are...the only thing that will satisfy the liberal left in this country will be the complete destruction of our lives.

Q is not using hyperbole when he says we are in a war. In a war there can only be one victor and to the victor go all the spoils. That being said...I really believe that we've reached a point in our nation's history where again freedom lovers are going to be called to claim the spoils of victory or our progeny will remember our generation as the generation that lost freedom (their freedom) for a thousand years! We must understand and face the reality of our situation.

Satanic world Communism has been silently planning, creeping, learning and recruiting for the last 40 years and now it is raising it's ugly head and again beginning a desperate attempt at world domination. This time the monster doesn't openly fly a red flag with a hammer and sickle. No, this go around Communism is wrapped in the skin of the liberal left...born and raised in America, but anything but American!

Not sure how to end this rant except to say that for the last 20 years I have been preparing my mind for the possibility I may indeed be witness and/or be part of a second, bloody American civil war. I pray this doesn't happen, but everything points to the fact that it's coming hard and we need to prepare our hearts and minds for this reality...


I'm pretty fucking sick of it too. And what's today's drop say? Nothing can Stop What is Coming. Again.

Think about that statement for a minute. Its a true statement regardless of the context. The future is coming and nothing can stop it. True statement. Death is coming and nothing can stop it. Winter, summer, fall, etc., Nightfall is coming and nothing can stop it. True as well. As long as you don't specify what "IT" is, you too can be a fucking ORACLE!! I have exactly zero faith that any miraculous turn of the tide is on its way

That Patriots and Good will win over the masses of assholes that are already out there destroying the physical and the ones in DC destroying the rest. They're too viscious, we're too timid. We should've been out there long ago pounding those FUCKS into oblivion! Our sides players should've adopted the ways of their side and dirty it up a bit. Get loose and rock and roll. But it ain't gonna happen. This society is an eat or be eaten world now and WE are about to be the main course.

Their only goal was to try to create some doubt about the integrity and motives of OUR top cop. He did his best but man he got pummeled. And from our side, the reply dribbled down the inside of their leg. We're toast in November. I sure hope everyone's prepared for what's really coming because I really believe nothing we have will stop it and I have a feeling that's what our Overlord has been talking about since day 1.

This is their attempt at an October Revolution, the Bolshevik takeover of Czarist Russia in 1917.

Since Killary lost and they have been unable to stop Trump, this is their only chance. Look at the history of Marxist revolutions around the world. I think we are just getting started here. Their ultimate aim must now be open warfare in the streets to force themselves to power with the assistance of UN 'Peacekeepers' (Chinese-led) deployed to our Cities and towns once they have even the shakiest delusion of a foothold.

I fear what we are seeing now will be lame in comparison to what is coming. I know we will prevail, we are ready, but this will get worse before it gets better. We just might be in for the fight of our lives. I hope it is just a movie at this point and we have already won. That all of this is just to wake the normies. But I don't know for sure. What I do know is history and we living it. Whatever happens, this is one hell of a time to be alive!

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