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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Are We MKUltra Lab Mice, a Yugoslavian Explains How Yugoslavia Was Lost

stock here: I will add more into the Transcription when I can.    The video is 15 minutes long and may be the most important video you every watch.

YouTube has since sacked the user account that posted this.   Here is a screen capture of that censorship.   Eventually YouTube will not even say "That User Account Has Been Removed" because it will be Article 230 evidence against them.

So here is the proof:

In addition to the clear similarities to her narrative, "they" as a worldwide effort, also rolled out the SARS-2 Corona Virus.    This ramped up the isolation and fear, two key techniques of a narcissistic abuse.  

Rebranding Communism as National Socialism.

You must first install hatred in people.

You must create tribal or group think.

Since almost alll Yugoslaves were white, they could not play the race card.

You must start making such social policies so terrible

Then you claim the causes of those inequalities is nothing but discrimination and hatred of one group over another.

Enter National quotas for hiring, based on religion, race, or sex.

This destroyed families, marriages, and friendships

People started isolating into their own groups because they didn't feel safe with the other groups

All the media in Yugoslavia was controlled by the government

All of a sudden, staged protest pop up all over the country.

Protests start due to the oppressive and killing of one group by the others.

At first they are peaceful, but they soon turn into riots and burnings

Now you need "sparks", what are sparks?

A convenient event of a hateful murder of a member of one group by

And you usually need more than one of those sparks

But the hunger for the absolute power of "socialists" was too strong.

Peace couldn't be restored anymore.

The continual news about dead bodies and violence and burnings

In the final stage, even the military was attacked and 50 to 100 were killed

It lasted 4 years

Yugoslavia was

We didn't realize who were the real enemies

We were brainwashed into thinking that we the citizens were the enemies of each other

You are not exactly sure what it is.

You still believe that you are one nation under God,

Bunch of nice and caring people on TV are telling you that deserve the violence

Although it is very obvious

The main cancer that is killing America

They are governing your States, your Cities, your Courts.

Think again, what makes them think that they can do whatever they want with you?

The fact that they manage to get away with it, every single time.

They faced no push back

The time has come for them to pay for their treason

How must you act now?

Stop caring whether you offend anyone

Stop caring if they call you a racist

Stop attempting to have effect or logic based argumentation.    You are wasting your time and energy.

They have a playbook and changing their minds is not part of the playbook

Next Arm Yourself.   Study the gun laws of your state.   Practice with your weapons because you are dangerous if you don't.

You must march and let them know that you demand the traitors be punished

Tell them you want your history preserved

Tell them you stand proudly with law enforcement

Tell them you

Tell them there is no place for socialism in America

And if they are not removed from government, that you as citizens will remove them yourselves.

Remember, self defense is not violence, no matter what they tell you

President Trump is in their way, but he cannot do it alone

Besides being the gatekeeper of the USA, President Trump is the gatekeeper of the whole world.

I hope you will go out on 4th of July in the tens of millions

God Bless president Trump and God Bless America

Godfather II

Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) and several of his partners travel to pre-revolutionary 1950s Havana to discuss their future Cuban business prospects under the cooperative government of Fulgencio Batista.

At the time, Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista is soliciting American investment, and communist guerrillas led by Fidel Castro are trying to bring down the government.

The politicians are all onside. The only problem is a growing insurgency.

“I assure you this: We will tolerate no guerrillas in the casinos and the swimming pools,” a Cuban official jokes, as he courts investment from the gangsters.

But Corleone is skeptical, especially after his car is stuck in traffic. He sees police try and fail to arrest a revolutionary.

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