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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Hawaii Goes Full Tilt Marxist -- Gov Ige (Loves China) And Working Hard to Destroy Small Business

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There have been a grand total of 19 deaths "with COVID 19" in the entire state of Hawaii.

But they have been on severe lockdown since mix March!!!!

The Insanity!!!!!

Let's talk about the end game here.    Hawaii is intentionally trying to create economic distress in Hawaii, and to kill off small business.    

Poilticians get little from small businesses.    They get kickbacks, bribes, and campaign funds, from big business.

So Governor Ige is using this chance to kill off small business.

And by getting this new bill passed, that power to implement emergency orders, can be spread out, to the Health Director, insulating Governor Ige from complaints or lawsuits.

One example, Gene Simmons (yes the Kiss front man) restaurant is shutting down!

If the bill is made into law, the director would be allowed to require
  • screening,
  • testing,
  • contact tracing,
  • quarantine, and
  • isolation of people deemed by the department
to be infected,
at higher risk of infection,
or at risk of spreading infection.

The measure now heads to the House.

Local NEWS, The comments are fully against this abuse of power.

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