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Monday, July 13, 2020

Wins Of The Day

  1. Democrats in Chicago are disbanding city’s gang, guns and saturation units in a week
  2. Iran’s nuclear facilities have been systematically under attack
  3. Trump’s support from Black voters is eating into Biden’s share, even more than in 2016
  4. Trump campaign staff is double the size of the winning campaign in 2016
  5. Seattle’s Democrat Mayor Durkin proposes slashing $76 million from police, including outsourcing 911 dispatchers … a service that no one was complaining about
  6. Confronted on CNN with her comments in February down-playing the virus, Pelosi tries to assert she has no regrets
  7. California’s Dem Governor Newsom is going to release another 8,000 dangerous criminals, preposterously asserting that it is necessary to prevent the spread of COVID19

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