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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Media Mind Control: The News Cycle Has Been Dominated For 4 Month Now: They Want You To "Give Up"

stock here.   Now comes the attack on Religion itself, and the attack on Q via a "parallel".

A smart guy that I frequently disagree with, think that he is the "parallel" to Q, and by setting him up to appear to be Q, and then attacking him, that a successful attack on Q can be made.

Is NeonRevolt that Q parallel?   See image at bottom.


Think about the domination of the news cycle, down to EVERY local station, for 4 months.  

Are they all controlled by the Cabal?    Or is there just so much less news out there?

In  classic intelligence agency mind control and torture, they keep up the pressure until they create a "Window of Opportunity" a childlike state in which resistance is seen to be far worse than just "acceptance" of whatever the torturer wants to instill in the victim.

We are the victims.   Many are ready to "give up".   Many don't even understand the game that is being played.    Maybe start with 911 since the evidence is so huge?  

But if you can't Grok 911, you probably can't Grok what is going on now.

A popular website "Neon Revolt" has been bought out.    Now they are carrying water for the Cabal.

This is what they want.  They want you to give up.    FUCK THAT!   This is the time to ramp it up hard.

I reflected weeks ago that it was odd that the Cabal was only attacked the practicing of religion by using it's minions to keep Churches closed, and not attacking religion itself.

That phase is now over, and now they are attacking religion itself.  

As always, click for a larger view.

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