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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I Went To A Throat Specialist, and ENT, To Get In The Hospital, I needed a mask, Once in the ENT Office No Masks Were Required on Patients or Staff

stock here.   True story.   I think this says it all. 
Reader had a great comment.    The main point is "getting people to comply very visibly to an insane demand".     Kind of hearkens back to stories about Concentration Camps.

Yes, it is not about medical reality but about making you and everyone comply, and in particular to comply very visibly to an insane demand.
And getting you invested in an insane narrative.
You don't demoralize or mind control near as much, if at all, with compliance to things that make sense.
Once people get invested it is hard to get them out.
They stupidly posted something pro-mask, or told friends and family something stupid, went and bought a mask, made themselves look fools with their face diaper, and suffered from it and they are NOT going admit error at this point. They've joined a tribe and they are not going to leave.
Even on gun forums I'm finding that most are pro-mask,anti-reality, pro-lawless-mandates, go-along-to-get-along'ers.
How stupid are they? (Answer, a lot.)
If you defend rule of law on only the one point you most care about and let all else be tossed in the dumpster, once the Constitution is already gone it will be mean nothing to cite the Second, or any, Amendment. The entire document is gone.

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