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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Wins of the Day

  1. SCOTUS rules that Florida can deny voting rights for 1,000,000 felons who have not complied with their restitution orders
  3. California churches sue Gov. Newsom over lockdown, ban on singing in church
  5. Kayleigh McEnany schools media on why we need to open schools, says people need to follow the science
  7. Even the polls are starting to inch closer to reality
  9. Survival rate of sickest COVID19 patients in ICU is climbing
  11. Texas removed 3,484 from their COVID19 count because they were merely “probable” cases, not confirmed ones
  12. Rioter gets big dose of karma
  14. Barr puts everyone on notice, from business leaders to academia to politicians … deal with China at your or be declared an illegal foreign agent
  16. Liberty Univ sues NYT for defamation, fake news

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