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Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Silenced Majority

Epiphany today, woke up and thought....what would make this day a "perfect day"?  Time for a short list, 3 items max, make them good.

The thought police are trying to mainstream and normalize “taking offense” parading it as virtuous reasoning/virtue signaling to do “whatever I want” is the virus of learned helplessness, victimhood, and entitlement,

born as gaslighting and manipulation of the powerful/elite/rich so they can sit back and laugh at us less powerful/poor/indoctrinated drink our corn syrup and consume the reality of Soylent Green. Where did God go?

Clouded by supposed “ethics” while our moral compass is remagnetized to point to the South/hell/Satan, the anti-christ. I call out in this blackout and find my voice rebounding in a man-made echo chamber, causing confusion and chaos and am forced to mask my intellect, my intuition and my heart.

The virus is more like a plague of deception and lies keeping us hooked up and plugged in to their rhetoric and mind control, originating in Silicon Valley, in CA eugenics Mecca, 5th largest economy in the world,

where every aspect of slavery and human trafficking has been worked out so Hollywood’s bright lights confuse us so we see glamour where in actuality we’re striving to maintain humanity within the Sodom and Gomorrah matrix we are chained to.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guest Comment

The wackiest aspect of The Global Wokescold Brigade is how you can actually watch it move like a school of fish or flock of birds and I've yet to interact with one of these folks who will even recognize how globally united, yet curiously justified, these shifts in direction are.

They're clearly being coordinated and anyone with the sense they were born with can see it.

Take BLM; this group allegedly just rioted over perceived, excessive police brutality in The US; So why are sports players in Germany kneeling? What does a police officer's behavior in The Middle of Nowhere, USA, speak about race relations in Northern Britain?This is just accepted at face value (or, presented as such) by media networks across the World. Why?!

Then you see all the instances, within one week, of the exact same image of a White officer with his knee, in the exact, same position, on a Black suspect (and recorded in the act) being captured "spontaneously" in France, Germany and Belgium.

How can these little, patsy hall monitors for Progressive elites, not see what so many of us can? What is it about them that makes them so susceptible to hypnosis? How do we snap them out of it?

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