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Monday, July 20, 2020

Let's Not Throw Pedophilia Around Too Easily, It Ruins The Legitimate Arguments and Charges When Used Inappropriately

In response to a trollish or idiot type character online......
I'm well enough educated to see that Trump was pictured and was close friend of pedo child traffickers with multiple allegations of child rape against Trump and I can question everything I can because I am free citizen!


Uh no either idiot or troll, Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar a Lago after Epstein earlier conviction on under age sex.

Throwing Pedo around so easy is shitty and counter productive.   for the most part these assholes were screwing girls 14 to 17, which is statutory rape in US VI, a serious crime, but no where near the depravity of pedophilia which is a sickness, not just an error in judgement.   There is ZERO credible allegation of any rape against Trump.   Sure he was extorted by a few women, solve the problem, hand them some money.   

And the Epstein thing, it's not just that the girls were underage, it is that they were psychologically manipulated, to be basically sex slaves.    Not sure what the legal definition of that crime would be but it far worse than just having sex with an under aged (but mature enough) girl, the point here is they are beyond children.

Mueller spent well over $100M with every tool at this disposal, and could not find a single effing thing bad about Trump, that is beyond amazing.     So basically, wake up or fuck off.

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