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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Florida News Total Bullshit, Over 1200 ICU Beds Avail, and Hospitals Can Create Additional 4000 ICU Beds Easily

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Yes wasted another 2 hours, this could be a full time job.    Just to debunk 1 NBC "news article".

"Reporter" and the female doctor he interviews have their script all set.   They blatantly lie out of the gate about "staffing problems", that she then distracts with a space usage problem, and then comes back to "there isn't any staffing problem right now".

Female doctor also states that in a pinch they can quickly go from 100% of normal ICU space to 187% of ICU space.

And of course the "masks" are mandatory.

Now most hospitals in Florida are reporting every COVID case in the hospital as an ICU case, WTF?

State Site --Unusable Data if you download!!
Summary, 6192 Adult ICU expandable to 11,600 ICU Beds.

5174 ICU Beds In Use (all causes)

And they are talking about being on the verge of being overwhelmed.

And the State Health site is totally participating in the Data Effery.   They pretend that you can download the data, but it is in a form almost no one can use unless you are proficient with PivotTAbles, which probably 0.01% of all Excel users are.

And even then, they don't provide all the columns in their report, and particularly don't provide existing ICU beds and of course don't talk about ICU bed expansion capabilities.

It's all Fear Mongering, 24/7, and it's criminal.
Video embedded in article below, total lies. 

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