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Sunday, April 18, 2021

50 YO Female In USA have a 0.31% Chance of Dying In 1 Year, But This 50 YO Female Died 5 Days After The Jab

I made a Spreadsheet that combines all the relevant factors.

This female died 5 days after the Jab

Since there is just a 0.31% chance she would die within a year, what are the chances of dying within 5 days.   

Would that be (5/365) *0.31 = 0.004247 % Chance.    Or just one in 23,809 People would die in 5 days or less.

How many 50 year old Women Got the Jab?             1,180,000

How many of that number would be expected to die within 5 years (all causes) = 50

The manner of death is in the details.   They rarely die slowly, and they rarely go to the hospital, except in their last hours.      If one female is reported on VAERS, we expect that 50 to 100 females of same age are similarly affected.

So I guess it is critical to understand what the reporting frequency is.   And is somehow now, a lot more reports are being made than usual?

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