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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Anaphylaxis to the first COVID-19 vaccine: Specific Chemicals Never Used Before In Vaccines -- Deadly to Some

 From a Reader!

This article from Dec 22, 2020, and yet they charged ahead at Warp Speed....


LL the deaths of all versions of all SARS-2 so-called "vaccines" are from ALLERGIC FATAL REACTION to binders. Specifically two meant to annoy your immune system:

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)



Humans who are hyperallegic to either will die at rates higher than even SARS-2 (covid-19).

And BOTH have never before been injected into humans for any reason.

I said all this over a month ago but...

PEG is polyethylene glycol, and not used intravenously before, and not in food, but is (or was) in some toothpastes.

Science details mentioned in link:

The reported dead (many dead or brain damaged not reported) are because of the exotic use of polyethylene glycol, and were one of 7% of adults with severe polyethylene glycol allergies. And a polyethylene glycol glycol allergy is about 50 times more dangerous than a food allergy. It kills 0.6% of all such people, in studies!

READ this long science article on PEG and vaccines :

And a paper, with less info :

Anaphylaxis to the first COVID-19 vaccine: is polyethylene glycol (PEG) the culprit?:

All mRNA covid-19 vaccines use polyethylene glycol (PEG) and bind it to nanoparticles, and the mRNA is stuck under the PEG.

Some (Johnson & Johnson) use Polysorbate 80 and also kill the same way!!!

People died from wanton use of polyethylene glycol causing anaphylactic reaction.

SOLUTION? Blood pressure can be restored in a ER if patient is monitored for a full hour after getting injected, after that, if too many hours goes by, its a death sentence, even in a hospital ER.

SOLUTION for now? STOP TAKING VACCINES using mRNA and PEG or Polysorbate 80. This week, as I type this, 7 countries (not USA!) just started a multiweek week ban on PEG vaccines! All due to this 0.6% mortality. USA just banned vaccines using Polysorbate 80, the third week of April 2021 (Johnson & Johnson banned in USA now too).

SOLUTION for 2023 : A antibody test for PEG sensitivity can ban 7% of humans from taking the vaccine. A cheap 4 dollar prescreen instant test. If the 7% still want a shot... a second test of those 7% can test for the SECOND component of what causes only some of the 7% to die (only 0.6% of those 7% die so its something in addition. A second unproven mystery cofactor as in my link).

Starting in April 2021, Dr. Meredith Moore at Charleston Allergy and Asthma in South Carolina is one clinic offering $$$ testing for polyethylene glycol and polysorbate 80 before you take a shot. The tests are done by scratching a tiny amount of the substance in question into a person's skin and watching for a reaction, like redness or itching.


7 countries now ban various suppliers of various COVID-19 vaccines for creating 10 to 50 times more deaths in 2 days from reaction vs other vaccines.

But now we all know its PEG or Polysorbate 80, and not a mystery.

Do not take these vaccines unless you know you are not allergic. You could get brain damage, from a few IQ points lost... to total retardation or... death.

Some cause 2 years of fertility loss in White Females, by making a body overly-attacking to placenta formation.

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