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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Seems a Foreign Power has Your Citadel and You Remain Unaware.

 Verbot exe....

Power levels under specification, loss of primary systems under requested load.

Do you wish to continue?. Y/N.........y

There is no reason to be here anymore. If it is not apparent to you what is happening then you will not be swayed.

Seems a foreign power has your citadel and you remain unaware.

To the few real posters here please consider your exposure and the implications going forward.

The defensive intractability and visible graft seem the mode of the day without challenge.

The Ukrainian hellhole will be your mark as the same forces of disinformation seem orgasmic for conflict there

For the first time in all my life i am a bit concerned.

So in the interests of brevity there must be a cessation. Nothing here changes anything. Bless the various tylers for attempting contrarian message boards despite the increasing monetization.

As a news source there is some value in ZH and we at the lab applaud the effort!.

But nothing is actionable, and most articles are esoteric at best.

To those brave few (you know who you are) i salute you and hope you all find ways to make a difference. To be fair ZH may still hold promise but the models are off the charts now. Who knew unmitigated human medical experimentation would be possible in the 21st century..Seems an uneducated signature is alls needed to convert a victim to a test subject these days.

Seems an unelected cabal is running your government umchallenged..they do have all that firepower keeping you out now. In their defense you are scary and prone to savagery. So now the world changes and you think the casino runs a fair game and frankly nothing is going to change that and the dude is still going to post "buy silver".

I dont think most realize the perilous ficition they engage in here.

Love others, be loved, we may not be here much longer

End of Lin_@#$$__&&--++((;::-+(+7--&666&6+++(89989)99(87+(+88((!;::''''&--®®®®^^¥¥€π°=[{{({{×׶¶¶×÷π√√•|~42..

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  1. You seriously need help! Molly's will do this to you.


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