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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

"Woke Corp" Distances Itself From Original Rothschild Instigator, Coke, Delta, HD Refuse To Sign New Anti Voting Integrity Resolve

 stock here: yes by all of us publicizing and spreading the word about how Rothschilds intimidated large companies into condemning the Georgia voting integrity laws by threatening to sell off their stocks and reduce their balance had the positively chilling effect we wanted. 

Coke, Delta (I cancelled my credit card with them), Home Depot saw an immediate drop in sales and they saw the writing on the wall.   They played their part once, but weren't about to double down on stupid and lies.

Now a new group signs up to be boycotted: The cast of characters should be expected, apparently there are like 300.

  1. Amazon, 
  2. Bank of America, 
  3. Estée Lauder
  4. Eventbrite, 
  5. General Motors, 
  6. Netflix, 
  7. Starbucks, 
  8. Synchrony, 
  9. Nordstrom, 
  10. PayPal, 
  11. Peloton, 
  12. Pinterest, 
  13. United Airlines, 
  14. Twitter, 
  15. Under Armour
  16. Buffet, signed for himself, but not for his companies.   Effing weasel
Some companies refused to sign and indicated their thinking process

Walmart: “We are not in the business of partisan politics,” he wrote. “While our government relations teams have historically focused on core business issues like tax policy or government regulation, Walmart and other major employers are increasingly being asked to weigh in on broader societal issues such as civil rights.” The company didn’t sign the statement, but “we do want to be clear that we believe broad participation and trust in the election process are vital to its integrity,” Mr. McMillon said.

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