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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Cabal Did A Study To Determine The Best Ways To Manipulate You To Take The Killer Experimental Job -- PROOF

A study was conducted back in July 2020 to decide what messaging would be most effective to get people to take the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Should they embarrass you? 
Threaten you? 
Reward you? 
Scare you? 

Yes... all of these options were part of the study.... and now you're living it with the messaging used here in this post by our Department of Health. How does that make you feel folks!?! Can't you see you're being manipulated????

Other: Control messageOther: Baseline messageOther: Personal freedom messageOther: Economic freedom messageOther: Self-interest messageOther: Community interest messageOther: Economic benefit messageOther: Guilt messageOther: Embarrassment messageOther: Anger messageOther: Trust in science messageOther: Not bravery message


  1. Right with some of the Crew and Wrong with its Skipper:

    Well now, how's this shot going? Seems many are being shelved!

    Bad news is The JB White House will keep this going for years, a quote - "The first tranche of funding, outlined below, will be distributed in early May. A second tranche of funding will be invested over the next several years."

    1. LOL maybe the thinking people are the "COVID variants"


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