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Monday, April 19, 2021

VAERS Data Proves The CO-VAX Is More Dangerous Than the COVID

ZH is back to it's former glory, however, be aware they are just controlled opposition and they will carry water for the Cabal when again necessary.


Great comment, then note the "troll" who does no research and just tries to shoot this accurate comment down.....

Some good data in the CHD numbers, but we all know VAERS mortality is as hugely underreported as COVID mortality was overreported. So without question, the (not) vaccine injections (experimental genetic modifications) are MUCH more dangerous than the virus they we designed to ostensibly mitigate.

Sadly, we live in a world where people who we considered reasonably aware of reality are taking huge risks to "comply" with the directives of a ruling class who's primary objective is to enrich sociopathic criminals by killing off the most vulnerable.

Yes Bill Gates, we don't need to have a conversation about "death panels" when your chattel are willing participants in a genocidal response to your real life event 201.

These conspiracies were never "theories". But the lemmings refuse to acknowledge how real they are as they hurl themselves head first off the cliffs or ignorance.

------------------------- Low Info Alert!

Show me the math where you state "So without question, the (not) vaccine injections (experimental genetic modifications) are MUCH more dangerous than the virus they we designed to ostensibly mitigate."

Literally getting Covid is 1000X worse than the vaccine based on the numbers; cases, deaths, hospitalizations vs shots and adverse effects

------------------------------------- And juppys comes back with an excellent response!!!   And no comeback, of course.

Here's the thing, covid numbers are inflated by 94-96% see this link and the associated peer-reviewed research article. (Also, this goes without saying that I'm not even considering the issue with PCR tests as an "aid to diagnosis" being used as diagnostic tests.)

Based on the government's own research "less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)."    page 6 of this short pdf

So.. if we take the 567K USA deaths and grab only 4 - 6% of that we get 22,680 - 34,020. If we take the 2,602 total deaths reported in VAERS due to only COVID19 vaccines (which, by the way, this year the number of deaths reported are more than all reported vaccine deaths in the prior 13 years: we get 20,015 - 260K deaths.

Now, even at the low end of the VAERS estimate (only 13% of all deaths reported) that number is comparable to semi-realistic covid death numbers.

I won't go into detail with full sources to peer-reviewed articles in this post, but I promise you the PCR test is a joke, especially if used on someone who isn't displaying any symptoms. The genomic sequence for covid was given by China and is what is used to detect covid in the PCR test, so who knows how trustworthy that is. If you run enough cycles you can find anything you want. Also, the only way to know for sure if a detected virus in a PCR test is contagious is to culture it, but PCR test samples are never cultured after amplification. (Though there is a 99% probability that you're contagious if you get a positive in 13-17 cycles, but the cycle count isn't included in the test results.)


Yes, correct, but you will never get them to admit that. Fauxci can only mumble and deflect when asked why vaccinated people must continue to wear masks and not mix indoors because he CANNOT state the obvious. Even the manufacturers make no claims that their gene therapies convey immunity or prevent transmission.

And they are now trying to change the definition of "herd immunity" to include ONLY vaccinated subjects. Merriam-Webster have LITERALLY changed the definition of herd immunity to help propagate this lie.

In fact, those with pre-existing immunity, those who have already contracted Covid or those who have been asymptomatically exposed to "the virus" - a group which has been variously estimated at up to 60% of the population - have a real lasting immunity and cannot transmit "the virus". So in reality, this group makes a huge contribution to achieving herd immunity, which is being conveniently ignored. And it makes ABSOLUTELY ZERO scientific sense for these people to be vaccinated. Unless, of course, there is a different motive for wanting to vaccinate everyone, not related to public health?

Oh, and incidentally, in view of all of the above this group with natural immunity also have a much stronger scientific claim on "Vaccine Passports" than vaccinated subjects!! But again, this is something they will NEVER discuss because the answer does not conform to the official narrative.


The science behind the blood clotting is already known from research in Scandinavia and Germany. The viral spike protein triggers an immune response which includes the production of antibodies which activate blood platelets and cause clotting 

And this is NOT just with certain "vaccines" but ALL of them which introduce or manufacture viral genetic material into human cells and induce them to manufacture viral spike proteins to generate an immune response.

The DNA vaccines (AstraZeneca-Oxford, Janssen (J&J), Sputnik V) deliver a payload of viral DNA, specifically the gene that expresses for the viral spike protein, using a benign delivery virus. Once inside human cells, the viral DNA is reverse-transcribed into the same viral mRNA as in the mRNA vaccines and from that point on they are ALL identical : the viral mRNA is used by the human cells to manufacture the viral spike protein which then triggers an immune response.

So given that it is the spike protein that is causing the production of antibodies causing the clotting, ALL the mRNA and DNA vaccines can be expected to cause the same clotting because they all trigger an immune response from viral spike proteins, via viral mRNA.

And this is what we see. Despite the MSM as usual trying to sensationalize certain vaccines as being responsible, this AE is indeed seen with ALL these vaccines.

Caveat emptor, especially if you are in the age chart below age 55 where the survival rate from acquiring this "disease" is virtually 100% with no longer-term associated problems.


Okay, here's a snapshot of the the blood clot issue:

Pfizer: 52% of the shots, 50% of the blood clots
Moderna: 46% of the shots, 42% of the blood clots
J&J: 3% of the shots, 7% of the blood clots

Even though the ratio of blood clots to shots is worse for J&J at this point in time, since their market share is still small the 4% difference might be different if their market share was greater. However, a bigger issue seems to be that the blood clot issue for both Pfizer and Moderna are both more or less in line with their market shares. Therefore, if the J&J shots should be halted, and they should, then the Pfizer and Moderna shots should also be halted.

Further, this might be a productive line of attack on mandated shots. If the FDA does not halt Pfizer and Moderna, even though they halted J&J, they are not really being objective. This indicates that they have failed in their statutory duties. Their rulings regarding the final approval of these shots will therefore be questionable and should be challenged in court. This is a strategy that is often used by environmentalists to stop pipelines and such.


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