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Sunday, April 11, 2021

X22 Report: Voluntary Controlled Opposition? Did the Deep State Walk Into a Trap?

stock here: --- this message of "we got them right where we want them" obvious bullshit.

But it is also funny, that YouTube has censored this video.   Even as it is effectively pacification of those who might act....there is perhaps too much truth in the video anyway!

It must be seen as Controlled Opposition. 

The [DS] has fell right in into the trap that the patriots set. Everything is now boomeranging on them and they cannot stop it. The people are taking back control and the patriots plan to take back the country is moving forward. The [DS] players never saw this coming, they looked left while the patriots went right, the prepared for an event that never happened. Trump has always said that we are a nation of laws, the constitution is the way forward.




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