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Friday, April 16, 2021

Interesting Connection Between the Ashkenazi and Ukraine, In 2016 The First "Openly Jewish" Man Became Prime Minister

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This is my own work, the timing is interesting.  What better way to launder money from an oil producing nation, already corrupt to it's core, to Cabal members and tools?    Also, Ukraine is a large recipient of US "Aid" and Loan Guarantees.

"Aid" is seen as a way to take funds from the US Tax base, send them to a place where transactions cannot be oversaw, and then funnel back money to politicians and SuperPACS in the US.    Loan guarantees on Billions of dollars for Projects....same thing, easy to skim off $40M on a $2B project.

VINNYTSIA, Ukraine (JTA) — Like many Ukrainian mayors, Vlodymir Groysman used to visit his local synagogue on Rosh Hashanah and Hanukkah.

But unlike most of them Groysman, the former mayor of Vinnytsia, did not visit the synagogue as a political gesture. He was going in his private capacity as a member of his central Ukraine city’s Jewish community.

Groysman’s Jewishness is not very unusual, even for a mayor and senior politician in Ukraine, where 360,000 Jews live. But his openness about it was not customary in a country where anti-Semitism and decades of Communist repression once made it undesirable for politicians to be seen as too Jewish, said the local rabbi, Shaul Horowitz.

Last year, his reputation as an honest and effective administrator earned Groysman the title of speaker of the Ukrainian parliament. And this week, he was appointed prime minister by President Petro Poroshenko, make Groysman the first openly Jewish person to hold the country’s second highest post and, at 38, the youngest person to have the job.

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