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Sunday, April 11, 2021

An Illegitimate Government With Mass Propaganda -- Do Not Choose Complacency At This TIME!

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An illegitimate government of no authority, ruling with secret police, and mass propaganda and a heavily armed public with more weapons than the worlds most powerful military.

An illegitimate government of no authority, leaving no viable options, punishing all self defense, prosecuting its enemies at every turn, making clear its every intention to use force to silence dissent and punish any attempts at peaceful redress of the public's grievances, while talking down to everyone and openly declaring war against 80 million people.

What could go wrong?

All this while millions say they are taxed without representation. Confiscated from without representation. Forced to house bums by the CDC, while having their property taken by banks. Locked down, locked up, hemmed in, and treated as if their vote doesn't matter anymore because the ballot box was stolen, and the soap box is censored utterly, censored and suppressed with gestapo tactics.

Lost jobs.

Lost wages.

Lost businesses.

Lost right to travel without being injected with poison.

Lost right to assemble without being attacked by mobs backed up by corrupt leftwing police unions.

Lost the right to a fair trial without mobs threatening to burn down courthouses if they don't get the verdict they want.

And these millions of people see all of this, and view it through a biblical lens of good vs evil, david vs goliath.

Many of whom see the obvious anti-white agenda, anti-christian agenda, anti-gun agenda.

Blaming whites for violence committed by black marxists.

Blaming whites while siding with antifa and covering up arsons and mob attacks.

Labeling all of us terrorists while we haven't lifted a finger against the state.

And the state expects people will remain peaceful forever under these unelected and useless officials and violence and open calls to "get whitey!" and church closings, and mask mandates, and thinly veiled gun confiscations, and ever greater insults and deprivations by officials that answer to no one?

They forget themselves.

We are citizens not servants.

And they are servants, not masters.

America is the land of the free, from its birth to its final days, not a plantation, and we should never allow it to become a plantation.

American citizens answer to no kings, and no masters.

But God and God alone is our higher power, and liberty ever is our birthright.

And we should demand it even if it means marching in the streets and parking ourselves by the millions outside the homes of all the assorted politicians who have stood against the public for their own

ill gotten, vile, unamerican, and arrogant treachery: senators, congressmen, governors, and city officials and bureaucrats at federal agencies.

The states should secede from D.C.

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