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Monday, April 12, 2021

Deaths In Cali Related To Covid Jab, 166 Reported

The best information we can glean is that between 0.8% and 2.0% of adverse events get reported.   Some HCW think it may be as much as 5% at particular institutions.   Note the highlight, they put him down like a dog.

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Patient obtained initial dose of Moderna vaccine on Thurday, Jan 14. No adverse effects reported during initial 15 minute post vaccine waiting period. Saturday morning (Jan 16), patient developed severe cough, labored breathing, and fever. Additionally patient mental status changed suddenly, became non-communicative (unable to speak, but would scream if she was touched). O2 status was irregular, dropping to 78.  Sunday morning, EMT and then hospice was hospice called. Monday morning, after hospice emergency kit was initiated, patient passed away.

Patient died approx. 5 hours after shot was administered. Cause of death reported is Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease. The death certificate was signed by the county coroner without autopsy, based on the report by the onsite deputy coroner. No doctors or hospitals were involved. This report is FYI only; there has been no direct connection made between my mother's death and the  vaccine other than one followed shorty after the other.

Resident is asymptomatic

Found lying face down without respiration or pulse, believed to be within 5 minutes of event.  ACLS procedures unsuccessful.  Unable to get autopsy.  Believed to be heart attack secondary to COVID infection, but unconfirmed.  Relative contribution of recent vaccination unknown.

The patient, who has no significant past medical history including diabetes, presented with very severe diabetic ketoacidosis  one week after receiving the vaccine.  He  developed severe metabolic encephalopathy, aspiration pneumonia, and was placed on mechanical ventilation.  At the time of this reporting, he is brain death (awaiting apnea test confirmation).  He is expected not to survive.


altered mental status, acute on chronic thrombocytopenia, death

Death due to Moderna 2nd dose, pulmonary thromboembolism

My father complained of heartburn the evening he received his vaccine.  He told my mother he need to sit  down and relax.  My mother walked into the other room to watch some TV while she allowed my dad to relax.  During that time, my mother fell asleep.  She woke up after an hour when she realized my dad was not sitting next to her.  She went to the living room where he was sitting and discovered he was not breathing and passed away.  EMT was called and they said they could not do anything for my dad since he was already gone.


Resident tested COVID-19 confirmed positive a few days after covid vaccination.

Patient was found deceased later in the afternoon.

Prt was found deceased


MAJOR HEART ATTACK; This spontaneous report received from a consumer concerned a 50 year old female. The patient's weight, height, and medical history were not reported. The patient received Covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s (suspension for injection, route of admin, and batch number were not reported) dose, start therapy date were not reported for prophylactic vaccination. The batch number was not reported. The Company is unable to perform follow-up to request batch/lot numbers. No concomitant medications were reported. On an unspecified date, she had major heart attack and died. It was unknown if an autopsy was performed. The action taken with Covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s was not applicable. The reporter and company provided causality between Covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s and major heart attack as possible. This report was serious (Death).; Sender's Comments: - covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s -Heart attack. This event(s) is considered unassessable. The event(s) has an unknown/unclear temporal relationship, is unlabeled, and has unknown scientific plausibility. There is no information on any other factors potentially associated with the event(s).; Reported Cause(s) of Death: MAJOR HEART ATTACK

Died  about 24 hours later

death. Per son pt was not  feeling well after the vaccination ""like her legs were weak."" Son found the mom in her bed 1am on 2/12/2021 unresponsive.""


1/26 /2021 - pt went to ER for chest pain 2/9/2021 - pt received Pfizer COVID vaccine 1st dose 2/17/2021 - cardiac arrest with death


Pt. received his second moderna vaccine on 03/05/2021 and his son reported that the pt. passed away after receiving his vaccine.

Death.  Patient was found unresponsive in the morning hours after her shot.

Taken to Emergency about 8 hours later and died in ER


Patient found dead in home the next morning.  May or may not be connected to vaccination.  Instructed to report it from our medical director and director of nursing.

Do not know if patient informed her physician that she received vaccine on 1/29/2021. She had appt at 3:15 pm on 1/29 and afterwards stated she received the Moderna vaccine. Reporter is uncertain if this was at a health office or clinic. She drove herself to the ER at about 3am on 1/30/2021 with increased cramping and pain.

On 2/4/21, at around 3:00pm he began feeling very tired and he began burping in the evening.  The following morning, he woke up early and was still burping and not feeling well.  At around 5:00am, he collapsed.  My mother called 9-1-1 and began giving CPR.  The parademics arrived and tried to revive him, and transported him to the hospital but at 6:11am, he was pronounced dead of a heart attack.  He was healthy.

Patient received Covid Vaccine Moderna at 1145, multiple syncopal episodes at pharmacy, sent to ER. Outcome Death

Resident was given the Pfizer vaccine on January 22, 2021, nausea and shortness of breath was taken to the Hospital on the 23rd of January and passed on the 24, 2021

Patient died.

Patient passed away

No adverse reactions noted. Resident is on hospice for end of life care for terminal diagnosis cerebral atherosclerosis. Experiencing respiratory distress 2/10/2021 r/t to hospice prognosis.

Called PCP, from the note: I got my shot on Jan 19. But last Friday I have been down with a horrible flu. I'm wearing diapers because of uncontrollable diarrhea. I can't leave my sofa to walk over to my desk because I'll be so out of breath. I have a cough that produces a pink or gold Phelm I have dry mouth. I have no appetite I'm so weak and have lost 15 pounds. Don't know what to do. My next Covid is shot is feb 11 Called employer on 2/3/21 but hung up. Tried calling multiple times to follow up. In triage she stated she had a COVID test scheduled and had spoken with her PCP. COVID test through PCP: 2/4/21 She passed away the night of 2/4/21

Per family, patient has been feeling sick since he was vaccinated, patient went to ER on 02/15/2021, and after few hours at ER patient passed away.

Death due to hemorrhagic stroke.

Pt began experiencing shortness of breath 3 days after vaccine and expired later that day.

Presented with stroke like symptoms at 10:30, right sided weakness and slurred speach. 911 was call, patient was transported to hospital. Per ED note, patient experienced TIA which resolved, actue exacerbation of CHF.  Patient was admitted. Discharge summary on 1/22 indicates same diagnosis, plan was home with hospice. Family notified hospital on 1/25 that patient had expired on 1/23 at home.

Patient awoke on 2/12/21 with altered mental status, confusion, respiratory distress, was taken to hospital by ambulance. Per ED notes from ED attending Pt presented with hypotension and respiratory distress. DNR status, patient given comfort measures and passed away in ED at 11:24 am on 2/12/21.

Systemic: Pt monitored by nursing for 30min after inj,pt was stable/no reaction.At ~1hr post inj pt was unresponsive.Pt was a hospice/dnr per director

My sister died in her sleep six days after receiving the J&J vaccine in her sleep.

Patient was vaccinated at 11am and was found at the facility in his room deceased at approximately 3:00pm. Nurse did not have cause of death

Patient did not display any obvious signs or symptoms; the vaccination was administered at approximately 10:00 AM and the patient continued throughout her day without any complaints or signs of adverse reaction. Patient was helped to bed by the nursing assistant estimated at around 9:00 PM. The facility received notification from the lab around 11:00 PM that the patient's COVID-19 specimen collection from Sunday, 1/3/21, detected COVID-19. When the nursing staff went to the room to check on the resident and prepare her to move to a COVID-19 care area the patient was found unresponsive,  no movement, no chest rises, noted regurgitated small amount of food to mouth left side, lying on left side. Pupils non reactive.

Within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine, fever and respiratory distress, and anxiety developed requiring oxygen, morphine and ativan. My Mom passed away on the evening of 12/26/2020.

His vitals signs was stable after vaccine was administered, but the resident was expired in 85mins after given 1st dose of Covid Moderna vaccine.

sudden death, while sleeping 2 days after injection Vaccine 3/12/21 last seen conversant and comfortable at 3a 3/14/21 Found nonresponsive and not breathing at 8:30a 3/14/21

Patient received the vaccine on the evening of 03-09-2021.  R.N. states she was ""fine "" at 440 AM bed check.  At 0830 03-10-2021 patient was found slumped over on her bathroom toilet having expired sometime between 440AM and 830 AM""

Pronounced dead on 3/9/21 approximately 72 hours after receiving vaccination. Unknown symptoms prior.

Patient was admitted for Multi drug resistant UTI (for which he has been admitted many times before). Was hospitalized for 3 days while awaiting cultures, hemodynamically stable, with no lab abnormalities. On the day of discharge (sensitivities to UTI came back, pt to be discharged on cefepime, had PICC line) pt got up from bed, sat on the edge of the bed and was being given belongings by the nurse, alert and oriented and in a pleasant mood, when suddenly pt grabbed at his chest and stated ""I can't breathe"" and became combative and altered when O2 was attempted to be placed on pt's face; then pt had PEA arrest x3 and unable to achieve ROSC.""

Patient had mild hypotension, decreased oral intake, somnolence starting 3 days after vaccination and death 5 days after administration. He did have advanced dementia and was hospice eligible based on history of aspiration pneumonia.

1/1/2020: Residents was found unresponsive. Pronounced deceased at 6:02pm

Resident had lunch on 01/14/21 and after lunch around 2:00pm, he vomited and stopped breathing. We coded the resident and 911 paramedics came. They pronounced him dead at 2:18pm.

Around 00:50am on 01/15/21, C.N.A. reported that the resident looked different and not responding. Initiated Code Blue and started CPR. 911 arrived and pronounced resident dead at 1:01 am.

The patient had severe shortness of breath resulting in cardiac arrest on the 5th day after the vaccine. Shortness of breath started 12 hours after injection. On the 5th day, the patient was discovered to also have a rash throughout his body, but it is unknown when this rash started.

No immediate reaction. Patient-reported deceased four days later on Jan. 19, 2021. As of this date cause of death is unknown to our clinic.

Patient was tested positive for Covid-19 on 12/9/20.  Patient received Covid Vaccine on 1/21/21. Patient was observing for 15 minutes in treatment room by Nursing staff. Patient denied any signs/symptoms adverse effect: headache, dizziness & weakness, difficulty breathing,  muscle pain, chills, nausea and vomiting, and fever . Patient seated on treatment table appeared to be relaxed, respiration even and unlabored. Health teaching provided. Patient educated to report any changes in condition to staff immediately. Patient verbalized understanding and able to verbalize signs and symptoms and adverse effects to be aware of related vaccine.  On 1/22/21:  patient was seen by medical provider for ""altered behavior"". Per medical provider's documentation: ""Patient was fallen on 1/2/21 and was sent out to outside hospital on 1/4/21. CT head: no intracranial abnormality, age-related changes. Patient had labs (B12, RPR, folate) were within normal limit"". We did MMSE today: 22/30 score ""mild dementia""  On 1/23/20:  ""Patient  was inside his cell. He was walking towards cell door to obtain his breakfast, when custody witnessed him collapse and activated the alarm. Nursing staff arrived at cell front at 06:34 am and found the patient pulseless and unresponsive, and CPR was immediately initiated. AED was attached at 06:35 am and no shock advised. AMR then arrived and patient did not have ROSC, and was pronounced dead at 06:54 am.""""

Resident expired on january 21, 2021

Resident received the first dose of Moderna Vaccine on 01/12/2021 and Tested for COVID-19 on 01/12/2021. Resident tested positive on 01/13/2021.  Resident was transferred to acute hospital on 01/19/2021 due to desaturation.  Resident expired at Hospital on 01/24/2021.

Patient developed SOB but reported good O2Sats. Instructed on going to ER if worsening symptoms. Patient eventually expired on 1/22/21

Patient presented to the  Emergency Department complaining of chest pain, pale, cool diaphoretic, and hypotensive. The patient was discovered to have a large saddle pulmonary embolism, went into cardiac arrest and expired. Of note, the patient received her second Moderna COVID vaccine on 1/23, which would place her first one approximately 12/25 if she received them at the appropriate interval. This information is from the patient's daughter and the ED record, the information is not available in CAIR. Per the daughter, the patient started feeling ill on 1/21, improved on 1/25, and then acutely worsened on 1/27, resulting in the ED visit.

Patient died of a heart attack on 1/31/21, 2.5 weeks after vaccination

Patient presented to emergency room on 2/1/2021 with a chief complaint of having a chronic headache  and fatigue following receipt of the Moderna vaccine 10 days prior.  Following examination by the physician, the patient was diagnosed with an acute subdural hematoma. The patient subsequently underwent decompressive surgery, however demonstrated worsening neurologic status over the next several days and ultimately expired on 2/4/2021.

Patient found down at home with agonal respirations and per EMS asystole, received 2 rounds of epi at her house with return of spontaneous pulses, lost pulse again in route to ER and another round of epi was given, CPR in progress when arrived at hospital.  Prior to this patient's husband states he heard her fall in the bathroom but did not immediately check on her as he states that this has happened before.  He checked on her 10 min later and that's when he found her unconscious.  Daughter called 911 and she began CPR.  No previous complaints of headache, chest pain, back pain, fever or chills.  Husband states patient was drinking that evening which is not unusual for her.  Patient died at hospital.

Died of a heart attack; A spontaneous report was received from a consumer concerning a 56-year-old male patient who received Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine (mRNA-1273) and died due to a heart attack.  The patient's medical history was not provided. Products known to have been used by the patient, within two weeks prior to the event, included additional medications.  On an unknown date, the patient received their first of two planned doses of mRNA-1273 intramuscularly for prophylaxis of COVID-19 infection.  - On an unknown date, the reporter stated the patient received Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine and sometime after he was found dead by his bedside around 02:30 am.   The patient died on an unknown date. The cause of death was due to a heart attack. Plans for autopsy were not provided.; Reporter's Comments: This case concerns a 56 year old, male patient, who experienced fatal unexpected event of myocardial infarction. The event occurred on an unspecified date after mRNA-1273 (Lot# Unknown). Treatment details not provided. Very limited information regarding this event has been provided at this time. Based on temporal association between the use of the product and the start date of the events, a causal relationship cannot be excluded. Additional information has been requested.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: Unknown cause of death

Pt received the vaccine on 1/30/21  Pt reported symptoms of left armpit pain to wife on 2/7/21, went to work 4 am 2/8/21 and found face down, dead at work later that morning. Pt worked at a pet store, per wife he did complete his tasks and generally comes home by 7:30 am. Wife called when pt did not come back home and he was found dead.


Patient had the first Moderna Covid vaccine on Thursday 1/21/2021.  She had a bit of sore arm on that day and the day after.  On Saturday 1/23/2021, she had a fever of 100.5 F (11AM), nausea, light headache and chills. The temperature went down after she took ibuprofen.  Patient's husband enrolled her to V-Safe to report all the adverse effects she experienced. On Sunday 1/24/2021, her temperature was 98.3F. She still had nausea and no appetite.  She and her husband watched a football game in their bedroom upstairs.  Husband noticed that his wife was pacing around the room many times. At 7Pm, Husband went downstairs for dinner but she refused to come down to eat. He went upstairs around 8pm, TV was still on. He turned off TV and went down stairs again thinking his wife felt as sleep while watching TV. He went back upstairs for bed around 10:30 PM. Husband said his wife had a deviated septum so she would snore very loudly when asleep.  He didn?t hear her snoring so he went to check on her and found her not responsive.  Husband called emergency services. Paramedic came at 10:45 and said patient was passed. Husband sent many texts to V-safe after that to report the incident. No response was received from V-safe. Patient?s doctor told her husband that she died due to cardiac arrest.

Patient received COVID19 vaccine at clinic at 11:52 am,  discharge post treatment stable.  Got home around 2:30 pm went to bed.  He usually got tired post dialysis. He did not wake up at 6 pm.  His wife went check on him. found patient cold and unresponsive.  911 pulseless PEA. ER Medical hospital. Pronounced death at 7:40 pm

Resident tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19 last 1/25/2021. She was on monitoring for desaturation and low blood pressure on Jan. 27,2021

Resident tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19 on 1/25/2021. She was on monitoring for declining in condition on 1/29/2021.

On monitoring for declining in condition, loss of appetite and generalized body weakness on2/1/2021. Was confirmed COVID-19 positive 4/23/2020.

Resident has shortness of breath on 1/19/2021 and was transferred to Hospital 1/20/2021

On monitoring for weight loss .

Vomiting, death.

Resident getting rehab therapy in the facility and has a long history of Parkinson's Disease. On 01/29/21, he received the COVID vaccine on left deltoid, resident was recently hospitalized due to Pneumonia and was on antibiotic IV and was recently placed on GT feeding due to severe dysphagia from his Parkinson's disease. On 01/31/21, started having increased congestion. On 02/02/21, started having increased temperature and WBC went up >20,000 on 02/03/21, started on Vancomycin IV on 02/04/21 but was transferred to the hospital. Facility was notified today (02/18/21) that resident expired in the hospital.

Code blue called at 11:00pm. Patient had code status of Do Not Resuscitate.

Without showing any side effect symtoms, patient suddenly fell unconscious and passed away within an hour. Though 911 was called and Paramedic was trying to revive the patient.

on 2/218/2021 the patient was at home and developed chest pain. Patient was transported by family to urgent care then to the ED where the patient later died.

Text message from patient : 2.37 pm Saturday 02/20/2021 had the vaccine , waiting for 15 minutes & 2nd dose due 3/18/2021 Test message 9.44 am Sunday :feeling little sick with stomach ach  No answer to phone calls on Cell/ Landline on Sunday No answer to phone call/ or  text message  No further communication.

Possible heart attack on 2/5/21. Complaint: "" On Feb 5th l believe l experienced a mild hear attack""  (Comment: He said he felt ""clammy, sweaty, excruciating pain on my left side - including his left arm, and left leg, dizzy, exhausted."" This happened after work, and after taking a shower. He said that was the first time he's experienced it, and that it has not happened since then. He said he has constant headaches, ""It just went away yesterday.""""

Death on 2-28-21.  Not felt by this provider to be likely related to vaccination.

2nd dose of Moderna at 9:00am. No side effect (except pinch at injection site) throughout the day and evening. At ~9:45pm, my wife suddenly fell unconscious. Immediate CPR & with Paramedic were not able to revive her. SHE PASSED AWAY at home. We believe it may be triggered by the vaccine.  Did not have a chance to go to hospital or emergency room - it was too sudden. A sad day for us.

The coroner called Dr. on 3.2.2021 to advise that he had a witnessed collapse and Mr. was taken to the ED where he was pronounced.

Vaccine manufacturer and lot number unknown, vaccine given at alternate location.  2/23/21  8:27 PM: The patient is a 68-year-old male   comes to the emergency department by paramedic ambulance for altered mental status that, began at around noon in association fever temp 102.9.  PMH of myelofibrosis (on Jakafi and hydroxychloroquine), depression, anxiety, OSA, and history of AVR.  Given history of myelodysplasia and Jak inhibitor predisposing to some opportunistic infections most notably viral reactivation with history of HSV and possible bacterial endocarditis he was admitted to the ICU for further monitoring and pressors.    Patient has a MOS procedure 14 days prior   - Status post MOSs procedure with large wound deficit on forehead -- Does not appear to be overtly infected at the time of admission.   ED physician indicated mild facial cellulitis.  2/23/21- WBC 16.1 on admission.     ECHO 2/26 indicated - no vegetation visualized. Of note second COVID vaccine 2 days prior to admission. Dr. felt incident was possible cardiogenic shock secondary to COVID vaccine.  He did not feel the patient has a source of infection upon admission.  Questionable given wounds on forehead Dr. (CMO) review of case- his impression was  septic shock with and underlying case of chronic cardiac compromise making the hemodynamics worse

Pt found down and pulseless in home by husband. EMS called, Pt found to be in PEA arrest. Pt achieved ROSC with CPR and Epinephrin. Pt Passed away on 09/07/2021 at 1330. Pt was in multisystem organ failure.

Dead on the bed with his legs dangling off one side of the bed; Complained about an upset stomach; A spontaneous report was received from a nurse concerning a 70-year-old, male patient, who received Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine (mRNA-1273).  The patient's medical history included hypertension and diabetes. No concomitant medications were provided.  On 20 Feb 2021, Saturday, the patient received their dose of mRNA-1273 (Batch Number: Unknown) for prophylaxis of COVID-19 infection.  On 21 Feb 2021, Sunday 9:36 AM the patient's experienced an upset stomach and attributed it to dinner last night and later on 22 Feb 2021, Monday he was found dead on the bed with his legs dangling off one side of the bed. The cause of death was unknown.  Treatment information for event upset stomach included half a spoon of an Indian thing.  Action taken with mRNA-1273 in response to the events was not applicable.  The outcome of the event upset stomach was fatal and patient died on 21 Feb 2021.; Reporter's Comments: This is a 70-year-old, male patient, who received Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine and history of risk factors for CAD such as hypertension and diabetes, was found dead 2 days after vaccination. Very limited information regarding this events has been provided at this time.  Further information has been requested; Reported Cause(s) of Death: Unknown cause of death

Unconscious; Felt a bit sore at the injection site; A spontaneous report was received from a consumer and healthcare facility staff member concerning a 69 years old, female patient who experienced little bit sore at the injection site, unconscious and passed away.   The patient's medical history was not provided. No relevant concomitant medications were reported.   On 22 Feb 2021, prior to the onset of the symptoms, the patient received their second of two planned doses of mRNA-1273 (Batch number not provided) intramuscularly for prophylaxis of COVID-19 infection.   The patient experienced sore at the injection site and unconsciousness both since 22 Feb 2021. The husband of the patient performed CPR as instructed by 911 and EMT's and police performed medical procedure which included injections and electrical shock both on 22 Feb 2021. The patient died on 22 Feb 2021.  Treatment information was not provided.   The patient received both scheduled doses of mRNA-1273 prior to the events; therefore, action taken with the drug in response to the events is not applicable.  The patient died on 22 Feb 2021. The cause of death was unknown. Plans for an autopsy were not provided.; Reporter's Comments: This is a case of death of a 59-year-old, female patient who experienced injection site sore and became unconscious on the same day after mRNA-1273 administration and subsequently expired. Although critical details such as the patient's medical history and actual cause of death is lacking, based on the current available information which shows a strong temporal association with the product use, thus, a causal relationship cannot be excluded. injection sore is consistent with product safety profile and cannot be excluded.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: Unknown cause of death

Syncopal episode followed by death. Unable to be revived. Coroner's case.

Patient felt generally unwell, tired and unable to walk well. Said his feet felt numb. He could not get up and slid to the floor. He did not have the core strength to even help him sit up. Sometime after he was assisted back on the couch around 4:30 am  he must of got back up and attempted to go to restroom because he was found on the floor with his arm and face resting on the love seat which looked as if he was trying to pull himself up. His wife found him in the morning around 11:00 am and he had been died for some time according to EMS. His death was unexpected. Even when contacting his doctors they were confused as to why he had passed away.  No autopsy was done but as of this moment he has not been cremated yet and is at Funeral Home.


My father passed away on February 10th, 2021. On Monday, January 25th 2021, he said he is feeling very uncomfortable in his chest area. He thought it was severe acid reflux. He took Gas X for Acid Reflux and told us that he does not want to go to the hospital. On Tuyesday, January 26th, he felt that his Acid Reflux symptoms got worse, he still did not want to go to the hospital. He took Tums. On that evening, he started having shortness of breath. We took his BP at home and it was very low. We begged him to go to the hospital, he still did not want to go. On Wednesday, January 27th, his shortness of breath got worse and we convinced him that he has to go to the hospital. We took him to ER. Doctor said that he had a heart attack on Monday morning and that is why he was not feeling well since Monday morning. While at the hospital, while the cardiologists were monitoring him, his heart condition got worse.  By Friday, February 5th, cardiologists said that he is very fragile, his heart condition is very fragile and he won't survive any procedure. They said that something triggered the heart attack. We told them about the vaccination on 1/13/2021. They sent him home on hospice on Friday, Feburary 5th, 2021. He was on supplemental oxygen when he came home. He passed away due to a heart attack on February 10th, 2021 around 9pm.

Death within 7 days of vaccine. COD Cardiac Arrest

Death within 7 days of vaccine

Pt completed 2 covid vaccine morderna doses Feb 18, 2021. Pt with increasing weakness and short of breath for 3 days PTA on 3/6/2021.

Unconsciousness; Feeling discomfort within a few minutes after the vaccination; A spontaneous report was received from a healthcare professional concerning a 78-year-old, female patient, who received Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine (mRNA-1273) and experienced of feeling discomfort within a few minutes after the vaccination, followed by unconsciousness and death.  The patient's medical history was not provided. No relevant concomitant medications were reported.  On an unspecified date, prior to the onset of the event, patient received their dose of mRNA-1273 (Batch Number: Unknown) for prophylaxis of COVID-19 infection.  On an unspecified date, the patient experienced feeling discomfort within a few minutes after the vaccination, followed by unconsciousness and death.  Treatment information for event unconsciousness included resuscitate via cardiopulmonary resuscitation with no success.  Action taken with mRNA-1273 in response to the events was not applicable.  The outcome of the event unconsciousness was fatal and patient died.; Reporter's Comments: This is a case of death of a 78-year-old, female patient who experienced   within a few minutes of product use who experienced feeling of discomfort and became unconscious and subsequently expired. Based on the current available information, a strong temporal association between the product use and onset of the events, a causal relationship with the events cannot be excluded. However, critical details such as the patient's medical history and actual cause of death is lacking.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: Unknown cause of death

Patient died two days after receiving vaccine. Death certificate said respiratory failure.

Large Stroke

Patient passed in his sleep 5 days after receiving first dose of Moderna

Patient died on 2/28/2021

Information here obtained from daughter: on Thursday patient had an uneventful fistulagram with angioplasty.  Patient got vaccine at end of usual Friday am dialysis treatment.  He was observed for about 30"" and no untoward event noted, vitals usual.   At home on Saturday morning, seemed not quite himself by wife as reported by daughter, from whom i got his information.  He gets up late as hemodialysis starts at 515 am.   No reported problems on Friday.   On Saturday morning, he seemed not himself but sat down and ate breakfast around 9 am.  On getting up from table he got suddenly weak, his head rolled back and his eyes rolled up.  911 called and he was given resuscitation efforts of unknown duration which were unsuccessful.  He was pronounced dead at 11 am and the mortuary was called.  No premortem labs, et al.""

Stroke resulting in death. Admitted to hospital 2/21/21 as transfer from first Hospital after found collapsed in his hotel room. Left M1 occlusion, thrombectomy performed, then had hemorrhagic trnasformation. Developed worsening respiratory status after extubation, was reintubated.  Given poor neurologic status, was extubated and started on palliative morphine drip.  Pt died 0100 3/1/21.

DizzineS, sweating,weak, chilling, diarrhea, shortness of breath, death

Moderna #1 vaccine given at 130pm March 11th 2021. Pt had history of asthma and frequent nebulizer use and had it in car with her for drive-thru vaccine clinic we did at location, which has a large parking lot. We gave 80 doses. Pt checked off anaphylaxis on the intake form so Dr spoke to her and she changed it to no history of anaphylaxis and only has history of asthma. So we gave her the vaccine. About 5 minutes later in car parking lot she started to use her personal nebulizer. I saw her in passenger side of car using a personal nebulizer so I talked to her and her daughter to find out what was going on. They said she has exacerbations all the time and this was not out of ordinary for her. I checked pulse ox and did a lung exam, etc, and she was stable.  She seemed baseline according to history by her and her daughter.  As she seemed at baseline and clinically was comfortable and conversant whole time, and she felt better after her nebulizer, I told them to have a low threshold for going to ER or calling 911 if her asthma was worse or different than her usual symptoms.  They agreed. According to daughter, she did well until about 24 hours the next day. The daughter said she was fine and she went to store and when she returned EMTs were intubating patient and apparently the patient used her epipen and called 911 herself. Approximate time of expiration was 230pm on March12th 2021.

Patient died 3 days after vaccination

Death; not able to stand up or walk; extreme weakness; he did not feel well; not able to stand up or walk; A spontaneous report was received from the patient's wife concerning a male (age not provided) who experienced extreme weakness/asthenia, did not feel well/malaise, unable to walk/gait inability, and unable to stand/dysstasia.  The patient's medical history included lung disease which required oxygen support. Per patient's wife, no concomitant products were in use within two weeks of the event. The patient's wife also stated he does not take any daily medications.  On 21 Jan 2021, prior to the onset of events, the patient received the first of two planned doses of mRNA-1273 ( Batch number 029L20A) by injection into his left arm for prophylaxis of Covid-19 infection.  After receiving the vaccine, the patient's wife stated he did not feel well. He experienced extreme weakness. He was not able to stand up or walk for the first few days after getting the shot. ""He could not walk even 3 steps and get in the car"".   On 09 Feb 2021, the patient felt a little bit better and could walk from one bedroom to another. No Medications were used to treat the patient's symptoms. No relevant medical tests were provided.  The patient had an appointment with his healthcare provider (date and time not provided) and was told he could not get the second dose of vaccine unless he got better.    The patient's wife stated she is not blaming the vaccine because her husband had a lung disease prior to getting the vaccine.  His doctor said, (per his wife) this lung disease had weakened him to the point he could not drive his car anymore. His brain was fine before the vaccine.  On 03 Mar 2021, the patient's wife called to say that the patient had finally passed away on 13 Feb 2021.   The second dose of mRNA-1273 was withheld in response to the events while waiting for the patient's condition to improve however; it was never given due to the patient's death.  The events of did not feel well, extreme weakness, unable to walk, and unable to stand were not resolved (presumably) prior to the patient's death. The patient died on 13 Feb 2021. The cause of death was not provided. Plans for an autopsy were not provided.  Company Comment: The reported events, death, malaise, asthenia, gait inability, and dysstasia were considered possibly related to mRNA-1273.; Reporter's Comments: This is a case of  death in a male subject with a hx of lung disease requiring oxygen, who died 23 days after receiving first dose of vaccine. Very limited information is available and based on the reporter's causality assessment the event is considered unlikely related to the vaccine""; Reported Cause(s) of Death: cause of death unknown""

Cardiac arrest five days after administration of the 2nd dose at 9pm, ambulance was called and EMTs attempted resuscitation, but no pulse was detected after 1 hour of compressions and CPR; time of death was recorded at 10:06pm

On Friday night, 3/19/21, patient spiked a fever, had shortness of breath, and had blood coming out of his nose and mouth per patient's daughter-in law.  9-1-1 was called, paramedics arrived at the home at 5AM on Saturday, 3/20/21 per patient's daughter.  Patient died.

Patient had no reactions to first vaccine post dialysis.  The morning after the patient received the vaccine, patient expired at home. Police stated that the death was vaccine related.

Per family patient reported c/o nausea and vomiting at home post treatment on  3/30/2021, he went to bed and was found unresponsive on 3/31, EMS was contacted and pronounced deceased at home on 3/31/2021. (exact time unknown).

Patient died, I have a copy of his vaccination card

COVID-19; COVID-19; Pneumonia; respiratory failure; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable consumer. An 80-year-old female patient received first dose of BNT162B2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE) via an unspecified route of administration on 02Jan2021 for COVID-19 immunization. Medical history included Alzheimer's and others. No known allergies. Concomitant medications included unspecified medications. The reporter's mother in law was tested for COVID-19 at a nursing facility on 25Dec2020 and she was negative. On 02Jan2021, she received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine. On 04Jan2020, she developed a high fever, needed oxygen and was positive for COVID-19. Date of death was 04Jan2021. The cause of her death was listed as pneumonia, respiratory failure and COVID-19. No autopsy performed. No treatment received. No one knew if the vaccination contributed to her death. It was hard to know if her death was due to the administration of the vaccine or it exacerbated the COVID19 symptoms which led to her death. Since this was unknown, it could have been a possibility. The reporter wanted to give us this information because we might want to consider having high risk population, patients with underlying conditions, older population tested for COVID-19 prior to the vaccination, as this is not currently a recommendation or a requirement. All is very new and they are all learning so the reporter wanted to share this information with us. The patient did not receive any other vaccines within 4 weeks prior to the COVID vaccine. There are medications the patient received within 2 weeks of vaccination. Prior to vaccination, the patient was not diagnosed with COVID-19. Since the vaccination, the patient has been tested for COVID-19. The outcome of the events was fatal.   Information about Lot/Batch has been requested.; Sender's Comments: The association between the fatal event lack of effect (pneumonia, respiratory failure and COVID-19) with BNT162b2 can not be fully excluded.  The impact of this report on the benefit/risk profile of the Pfizer product is evaluated as part of Pfizer procedures for safety evaluation, including the review and analysis of aggregate data for adverse events. Any safety concern identified as part of this review, as well as any appropriate action in response, will be promptly notified to regulatory authorities, Ethics Committees, and Investigators, as appropriate.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: Pneumonia, respiratory failure and COVID-19; Pneumonia, respiratory failure and COVID-19; Pneumonia, respiratory failure and COVID-19; Pneumonia, respiratory failure and COVID-19

he passed away; not responsive; mind just seemed like it was racing; body was hyper dried; Restless; not feeling well; ate a bit but not much; kind of pale; Agitated; Vomiting; trouble in breathing; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable consumer (brother of the patient). A 54-year-old male patient received BNT162B2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE), via an unspecified route of administration, on 04Jan2021 (at the age of 54-years-old) as a single dose for COVID-19 immunization. Medical history included diabetes and high blood pressure. Concomitant medications included metformin (MANUFACTURER UNKNOWN) taken for diabetes, glimepiride (MANUFACTURER UNKNOWN) taken for diabetes, lisinopril (MANUFACTURER UNKNOWN), and amlodipine (MANUFACTURER UNKNOWN). The patient experienced not feeling well, ate a bit but not much, kind of pale, vomiting, trouble in breathing, and agitated on 04Jan2021; body was hyper dried and restless on 05Jan2021; mind just seemed like it was racing on 06Jan2021; and not responsive and he passed away on 06Jan2021 at 10:15 (reported as: around 10:15 AM). The clinical course was reported as follows: The patient received the vaccine on 04Jan2021, after which he started not feeling well. He went right home and went to bed. He woke up and ate a bit but not much and then was kind of pale. The patient then started to vomit, which continued throughout the night. He was having trouble in breathing. Emergency services were called, and they took his vitals and said that everything was okay, but he was very agitated; reported as not like this prior to the vaccine. The patient was taken to urgent care where they gave him an unspecified steroid shot and unspecified medication for vomiting. The patient was told he was probably having a reaction to the vaccine, but he was just dried up. The patient continued to vomit throughout the day and then he was very agitated again and would fall asleep for may be 15-20 minutes. When the patient woke up, he was very restless (reported as: his body was just amped up and could not calm down). The patient calmed down just a little bit in the evening. When the patient was awoken at 6:00 AM in the morning, he was still agitated. The patient stated that he couldn't breathe, and his mind was racing. The patient's other brother went to him and he was not responsive, and he passed away on 06Jan2021 around 10:15 AM. It was reported that none of the symptoms occurred until the patient received the vaccine. Therapeutic measures were taken as a result of vomiting as aforementioned. The clinical outcome of all of the events was unknown; not responsive was not recovered, the patient died on 06Jan2021. The cause of death was unknown (reported as: not known by reporter). An autopsy was not performed.  The batch/lot number for the vaccine, BNT162B2, was not provided and has been requested during follow up.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: not responsive and he passed away

My mother was given Pfizer vaccine on Thursday and she died 3 days later yesterday on Sunday!!!

Difficulty breathing, death.

54 y/o M with PMH of HTN, HLD, Alcoholic Cirrhosis, Aortic Valve Stenosis, and angina BIBA as a Medical Alert for cardiac arrest noted PTA. Per EMS, the patient called because he was having constant, diffuse abdominal pain x 1 day that radiated to his chest. On scene, the patient had a witnessed arrest with EMS starting CPR. He was given 3 rounds of epi without ROSC. Pt had no associated shockable rhythm. Of note, pt's wife, had noted pt had received covid vaccine the prior day.

Resident received 1st dose on 1/4/2021. On 1/6/2021 resident having SOB, increased weakness with O2 sats at 91% RA. On 8th resident sustained a fall, O2 sats 88-92, dizzy, weakness.  Rapid COVID test performed with negative results.  Evening of 8th resident was lethargic and diaphoretic with fever of 99.9.  Resident transferred to ER, on 5lt of oxygen.  Resident returned from the ER on 1/9/2021 with new diagnosis of Leukemia and orders for hospice.  Continued with fever, crackles and N/V and loss of appetite from the 9th and 10th of January.  Resident expired at 820am on 1/11/2021.

Pt had witnessed arrest by wife. Pt wife started CPR and called EMS. CPR started at 15:12. Continued by EMS. Pt arrived to medical center asystole with CRP in progress and ventilated via igel device.  He was in refractory ventricular fibrillation and continued CPR for a total of 1 hour.  At that point, we checked a bedside ultrasound which showed his heart at a standstill.  He was unresponsive to verbal and tactile stimulus and had fixed unreactive pupils.  He was pronounced at 16:13.

Resident expired

Heart attack death medical test

12/28/2020: generalized weakness and fell twice at home, cough, nausea,1/04/2021: cough, nausea, fever and chronic pain when she fell from being weak. admitted to hospital with Covid pneumonia, shortness of breath, covid postive, 1/09/2021: pt on bipap, 1/15/2021: pt was intubated, on TPN, pt DNR, 1/18/2021: was extubated and put on comfort measures and passed away

Patient was was brought to the ED from facility which  he received the vaccine via ambulance with BiPAP, hypoxia, and one dose of Epi of 0.3 mg. He then required intubation, and had struggled with hypoxia, even on increasing PEEP. CODE BLUE called in the ED for PEA. He was medicated for such (please see the code run sheet for details), and he came in and out of the code 5 times. After 95 minutes, with the wife at the bedside, and family conference by phone, the code was called, and he was pronounced at 18:20. He received in total 8 me of Epi, 3 shots of Atropine, 3 amps bicarb. He got lasix 40 mg, lovenox 60 mg subcutaneous once. He had a CVC into the right internal jugular, and levophed was started, then Epinephrine drip was started.  Prior to the code he got steroids (solumedrol 125 mg, then later decadron 6 mg iv), benadryl iv, antibiotics (ceftraixone / zithromax), and lasix 40 mg. All this time while in the ED, the Rt was at the bedside, and lots of secretions from the lungs were aspirated, bloody color. ß Code was the result of PEA secondary to hypoxia (</= 85%), despite being on the vent, with PEEP 12, FiO2 of 100%, with acidosis. ß After 95 minutes of active resuscitation, the patient was found not responsive to painful stimuli. There was no palpable pulse. No spontaneous respirations. No heart or breath sounds by auscultation. Absence of pupillary light reflex.

Reportedly, this employee's mother died the night of the vaccine.  The details are not known at this time.

Resident expired on  1/23/21 . Resident receiving care under  hospice ,diagnosis Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

See initial report

Patient stated he wasn't feeling well on January 25, 2021, wasn't eating and complained of abdominal pain.  Patient noted to have indigestion and was constipated.  Meds provided and labs ordered.  On morning of January 26, 2021, patient became weak, lethargic and hypoxic and was sent to emergency department around 0700 hours on January 26, 2021.  At approximately 1100 hours, emergency physician notified this writer that patient was not going to overcome his illness and would be placed on comfort care.  At approximately 1130 hours, this writer was notified that patient had passed away from multi-organ failure.

died several hours after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable consumer. A patient of unspecified age and gender received bnt162b2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE), via an unspecified route of administration on an unspecified date at single dose for covid-19 immunization. The patient's medical history and concomitant medications were not reported. The patient died several hours after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine on an unspecified date. The patient died on an unspecified date. It was not reported if an autopsy was performed. The person had tested positive for the virus (Covid-19) in late Dec2020.  Information on the batch/lot number has been requested.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: died several hours after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine

Patient received COVID 19 vaccine the morning of 1/18/21 at Public Health COVID-19 vaccine clinic. I (person completing this report) work for PH. Later that night while in bed, patient reported difficulty breathing to his wife, then turned blue, and became unresponsive. Family report pt was without any symptoms prior to event.  911 called; CPR started by family member 15 min. after pt became unresponsive. EMS performed resuscitation for about 30-40 minutes with multiple defibrillation for V-fib.  Between EMS and Medical Center ER, pt had 9 rounds of epi, CPR w/ LUCAS  machine, given 2 doses of amiodarone (150 mg and 300 mg). Patient had 3 EKGs, which did not show STEMI, but did show nonspecific conduction delay and sinus arrest with junctional escape vs sinus bradycardia (HR 50's).  Pt had return of spontaneous circulation. Pt intubated, and started on Levophed. Pt transferred to ICU, and had central line placed.  Family decided to make patient DNR. Pt went into coarse VFib again, and as per wishes of family, code blue not called.  Patient expired at 01:53 on 1/19/21.

The patient was observed to be lethargic on 1/29/21 at 1515. BP-80/50, P-75, RR-27, T-100.1. He was given a bolus of  NS 150 mlx2. and Rocephin 1 gram IM.

Systemic: Other- pt had history of copd and DNR on file. approx 3 1/2hr after vaccine pt had sob and lowo2 sat, emergency services called, pt passed on their arrival.staff felt due to pt existing condition

right arm redness

she was injected, sh stopped eating and talking, the doctor watched her for 2 days. had her transported to the hospital. i was told she had tested positive for COVID 2 times once at the home and once at the hospital. with in 2 DAYS at the hospital  she wa on a ventilator 2 days later she died. i talked with the rehab center and confirmed she tested negative for COVID on Dec 27th 2020 and was given the Vaccine on the 29th Dec 202 was in the hospital 4 day later, was on a ventilator 4 days after that   then died a few day later as her heart stopped beating. all the while i had POA and was not contacted by Hospital staff until after they had made the next step.

passed away; cough; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable consumer, the patient's daughter.  A 92-year-old female patient received the first dose of BNT162B2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 mRNA VACCINE; Lot Number: UNKNOWN), via an unspecified route of administration in the left arm on 13Jan2021 at 11:00 (at the age of 92-years-old) as a single dose for COVID-19 immunization.   Ongoing medical history included nursing home resident, admitted to hospice on 13Jan2021 (prior to vaccination), and oxygen supplementation (due to low oxygen levels) from a few days prior to the vaccine (Jan2021). Other relevant medical history included congestive heart failure from Dec2020 and sulfa allergy. Prior to the vaccination, the patient was tested numerous times (as reported) for COVID-19 and was negative.  There were no concomitant medications. The patient did not receive any other vaccines within four weeks prior to the vaccination. A few days before the vaccination, her oxygen level had gone down, and she had been placed on oxygen. Prior to receiving the vaccine, the patient was reported as being 'fine'. On 13Jan2021, the patient received the vaccine at 11:00. The patient coughed maybe 5 or 6 times and then dropped her head. Resuscitation was not performed as patient had a do not resuscitate (DNR) order. The patient passed away on 13Jan2021 at 13:05. The cause of death was not reported. An autopsy was not performed. The clinical outcome of the cough was unknown at the time of death.     The lot number for the vaccine, BNT162B2, was not provided and will be requested during follow up.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: passed away

Pt received vaccine on 7 jan. 2021   Twelve days later, on 19 January 2021, Pt developed symptoms of COVID (cough, sore throat, fever, myalgias), on 20 Jan, pt admitted to hospital for worsening symptoms. Pt tested positive for COVID 19.  Pt admitted to ICU where pt had complicated hospital course to include ARDS secondary to COVID pneumonia, nonSTEMI, with biventricular heart failure, on  multiple pressor,  rhabdomyolysis with acute kidney injury, requiring CRRT.   Pt was in hospital for 10 days; he passed away on 31 Jan 2021.

patient received vaccine on Jan 23, 2021 passed away on Jan 24, she was already on hospice, so unclear if due to vaccine or other issues. Was at her baseline before and after vaccine per facility, had b'fast and passed away at noon on Jan 24

patient received vaccine on Jan 23, 2021. developed weakness on Jan 25, 2021. Sent to ED on Jan 27, 2021 with hypoxia requiring 6 L O2, low Bp, declining mental status. Per family request transitioned to hospice and passed away on Jan 30, 2021

Sudden death

Resident received vaccination at 9:12 am, she was monitored and checked at the 15 minute interval 9:27 am, reassessed, vitals were fine.    Within 20 (9:32 am) minutes of receiving the vaccine she was unresponsive, pupils were fixed at 9:45 am, no vital signs noted; hospice came out and reported her time of death 10:21 am.  This person was on hospice.

Patient's primary care provider received a death certificate to be signed for this patient. He spoke with the patient's husband and son, who reported that the patient had pain and swelling at the vaccine administration site after receiving the vaccine and was feeling unwell after receiving the vaccine. The patient's family reported that they found her unresponsive on 2/2/21 and called 9-1-1. The patient was pronounced dead upon arrival of emergency responders.

On 2/5/2021 resident noted to be azotemic. Creatinine up to 3.8 and BUN in 80's. He was started on NS hydration. On 2/7/2021 he was noted without VS, per MD notes, possible VF arrest, renal failure; death unclear exact cause.

Resident passed away 2 days after receiving the vaccine. oxygen level has decreased shortly 1 day after receiving the vaccine.

Patient received the vaccine on 1/26/2021 and per employee at facility patient passed away on 2/01/2021.


pt became lethargic, stopped eating.  No fever;  no nausea

Few minutes post vaccination, after moving to observation area via wheelchair, the patient complained of dizziness. She took glucose tabs she had brought with her. Staff wheeled her to Triage # 1.  Her eyes rolled back in her head and she lost consciousness. Staff (paramedics on site) transferred her to gurney and started compressions. AED placed, V- Fib was rhythm, Shock # 1 given, CPR resumed. Shocked again.  Fire truck and additional EMT arrived on site and  took over care. Epinephrine was given 3 times via intra-osseous route, Amiodarone given intra-osseous route.  Additional defibrillation with on site AED for a total of 6-7 times. Patient had good chest rise with ambu-bag, no airway obstruction or peri-oral edema noted.  Code called at 12:40 PM.

On December 17, 2020, my husband, received his first BioNTech BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccination. On Thursday January 7, 2021, he received this second COVID-19 vaccination. The following three days after his second vaccination, he felt fine. The fourth day, on Sunday January 10, my husband felt extremely fatigued. On Monday the 11th and Tuesday the 12th, he worked a full shift but complained of extreme fatigue and extreme chills to the point that his teeth were chattering while on the phone with me. He decided to work through it. When he got home on Monday night, he started vomiting. On Wednesday January 13, he woke up and had swollen eyes. Once again, he felt extremely fatigued, even after a full nights rest. He had the day off but had an early meeting. After his meeting, he was still tired so he went back to sleep. I left to get lunch, and drop off our kids, and upon my return, I found him on the walk in closet floor, face up, having passed away. He felt as cold as ice. The rapid test done after they called the paramedics resulted in a negative COVID-19 test for him.

symptoms of ongoing congestive heart disease just progressed

Patient had no reaction at the time of vaccination. Waited the required 15 minutes and was allowed to go home.

Diarrhea , fatigue on 2/10 Fall 2/12 out to hospital Resident Expired 2/14

Patient had sore arm on the day of vaccination. Per patient's nephew , the next morning patient experienced body pains, aches, headache . Onn Tuesday patient had fever.  Patient's condition  progressively got worse. He had difficulty breathing by Wednesday night. He had low oxygen levels at 80 per pulse ox reading. Patient was coughing up blood. Family took him to hospital on Thursday morning due to breathing difficulty and patient died 2.18.21 at 10 am

died just 10 days after being given the vaccine/ put sepsis on her medical records; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable consumer report for Aunt. A 59-year-old female patient received the first dose of BNT162B2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE) via an unspecified route of administration in Jan2021 at single dose for COVID-19 immunization. Medical history included schizophrenia and depression. The patient's concomitant medications were not reported. Consumer's aunt (patient) was housed in a facility. She was being treated for schizophrenia and depression. This was one of the facilities that chose to house Covid patients during the pandemic. Many of the patients here contracted covid19 during this time and they had to do a full facility lockdown and quarantine. The patient tested positive in Nov2020 and was quarantined to her room for 10 days. 3 weeks ago (in Jan2021), she received the Pfizer vaccine. Consumer's family was not given notice of this and we are sad to report that she died just 10 days after being given the vaccine. They put sepsis on her medical records and have not connected this to the vaccine. Consumer stated aunt was just 59 yrs old, though she was being treated for her mental illness, she was physically healthy. Consumer's family gravely concerned that this facility neglected her health by administering the vaccine without considering possible reactions from the medication she was taking, or the fact she had Covid just months prior. Patient died on an unspecified date. it was unknown if an autopsy performed.  Information on Lot/Batch number has been requested.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: died just 10 days after being given the vaccine/ put sepsis on her medical records

Resident is a Hospice patient. On 1-23-2021 am shift  resident was observed by nursing have chest congestion and had a emesis times 1 with SOB, Zofran 4 mg was given. HOB (02 sats 88%) was elevated resident on 02 via nasal canula with 02 sat now @ 90% . no respiratory distress noted. MD was called with response pending for orders. @ 1400 resident with no signs of life. vs 90%-24-97/71-97.6. Hospice on site and time of death 1436

Elevated heart rate, flushing of the face and ears, vomiting, trouble breathing, pulmonary edema

Sudden death two weeks after first dose of vaccine was administered. No previous symptoms or signs. Family opted not to do an autopsy so cause of death (stroke or heart attack) not known.

Cardiac Event MI or Stroke; Cardiac Event MI or Stroke; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable consumer (Son in law). A 73-year-old male patient received the second dose of BNT162B2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE), via an unspecified route of administration at left arm on 17Feb2021 14:00 at single dose for covid-19 immunisation. Medical history included atrial fibrillation (AFib), prostate cancer Survivor. Concomitant medication included alirocumab (PRALUENT), escitalopram oxalate (LEXAPRO), apixaban (ELIQUIS), nitroglycerin and Ca channel blocker. The patient received the first dose of BNT162B2 on an unknown date for covid-19 immunisation. The patient experienced cardiac event myocardial infarction (MI) or stroke on 17Feb2021. Adverse event result in Doctor or other healthcare professional office/clinic visit. It was unknown if treatment received for the events. Prior to vaccination, the patient was not diagnosed with COVID-19 and since the vaccination, the patient was not been tested for COVID-19. The patient died on 19Feb2021. It was unknown if an autopsy was performed. The outcome of the events was fatal. The reporter didn't know if this was associated or not. Information on the lot/batch number has been requested.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: Cardiac Event MI or Stroke; Cardiac Event MI or Stroke

Heard through a family member had some feeling badly and some respiratory symptoms. We do not have any real information. This is a coroners case.

elderly diabetic man with AFib/RVR who presented with multiorgan failure few hours after receiving his 2nd COVID shot today and ultimately expired.  he did well after the 1st COVID shot and subsequently developed this multiorgan failure after the 2nd shot.  had his second COVID vaccine shot around 4 pm, went home and collapsed, lay on the floor for a few hours refusing to call paramedics, eventually wife called 911, he arrived to ED and was dead a few hours later.  -on arrival the pH was 6.7, agonal breathing, low BP, lactate 18, but no MI, no stroke, no apparent infection/sepsis.  important to note that he had a covid vaccine just a few hours from collapsing and dying.

passed away shortly after her vaccine; started dealing with signs that are common with a stroke; developed swelling in her arms; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable consumer report for grandmother. A 101-year-old female patient received first dose of bnt162b2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE, lot number=EM9809) via an unspecified route of administration in left arm on 08Feb2021 04:30 AM at single dose for covid-19 immunisation. Medical history included elderly. No covid prior vaccination. No other vaccine in four weeks; No other medications in two weeks. On 12Feb2021 12:00 AM, patient passed away shortly after her vaccine. She started dealing with signs that are common with a stroke. Event considered Life threatening illness (immediate risk of death from the event). She also developed swelling in her arms. No treatment received, patient not recovered from stroke and swelling arm. The patient died on 12Feb2021. No covid tested post vaccination. It was unknown if an autopsy was performed.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: passed away shortly after her vaccine

Patient received the first shot on 2/17/21. Nothing seemed unusual during the following days; no complaining of soreness or anything. He hadn't introduce any new medicine or food into his routine. On the morning of 2/21/21, he woke up around 5 AM as usual. He spoke with his wife for a bit. Around 7:00 AM, he started having trouble breathing. He asked for help from family members. 911 was called. EMT's preformed heart compressions for about 45 minutes before pronouncing patient deceased. During EMT's initial encounter, EMT's struggled getting a tube down patient's throat due to his tongue being swallon

Patient was alert and oriented with no signs or symptoms of sickness prior to immunization for 2nd dose of Pfizer COVID19 vaccine. Temperature 98.7. Patient under hospice care and DNR status for wound care (coccyx). Patient has no recollection of first dose, but no adverse reactions to first dose per her caregivers. Patient did not appear to have any adverse reactions to the vaccine after the 15 minute observation period. About 1 hr after vaccine administration, patient was reported deceased. No signs of swelling or allergic reaction at site of injection.

Injection in left arm at 4:15 pm.  on Friday 3/5/2021.  At 9pm, 3/5/2021 he complained of chest pain and was taken by ambulance to Medical Center Emergency Room.  He was diagnosed with gallstones and discharged at approx 4:00 am on 3/6/2021.  He found non responsive at home shortly thereafter.

patient was on treadmill at home on 3/4/21 and became shortness of breath, collaspsed, hitting head on floor. Family started CPR, Downtime prior to ED arrival 30 minutes.  Arrived at ER at 8:48AM.  Intubated by EMS.  initially shocked 1x but otherwise was in asystole.  Eventually after about 70 minutes of CPR at ER patient had no ROSC, pupils dialted and fixed and at this point pronounced dead.

Sudden Unexpected  Death  - No signs or symptoms

Site: Pain at Injection Site-Mild


pt deceased approx 36 hours after vaccination

Patient had a stroke two days after vaccine.  Recevied TPA for treatment of stroke due to acute onset of altered mental status.  Had a history of afib, not on anticoagulation, which is likely cause of stroke. Family opted for comfort measures given poor neurologic status. Passed awaiting hospice placement



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