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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

COVID Jab Kills at Rate 3585% Higher Than Regular Vaccines, Here is the Data. 653 in USA Died Within 48 Hours of the Jab

stock here: Sometimes the trolls push me to new heights, LOL

Had someone at VOAT saying I had no idea "what the chart means".    

Because I was comparing COVID Jab deaths this year, to vaccine deaths in prior years.   So I found the data.

In USA, about 281,380,00 vaccination shots are given annually (average from 2006 to 2014)

Current COVID Jabs at 195,000,000

Current Deaths can be had at this Site;jsessionid=AB93717090B24C47D1E99182CA13

I show 2210 Deaths after running report.  But have seen higher numbers elsewhere.

Bottom Line?  COVID "VAX" is at least 3585% more dangerous than the standard vaccines at CAUSING DEATH

And 653 Died Within 2 Days of the Jab, what is that is really 65,300?

Some will say....well when millions are getting treated, some are just "up" for dying.    And I agree, until you read the descriptions of how they died.

For the 653, here is a PDF that details everything, skim it!!!!

And the Death rate reported to VAERS may only be 1 in 50 or 1 in 100

Oh, and the quality of the oh my.   Laughable.   Look, this quote implies that Dead people are overly self reporting on the VAERS system...

“Since it is a self-report system, submitting a report to VAERS does not mean that the vaccine caused or contributed to the death,” she said.

---------------------------------------------------   And Zuckerberg is funding these "fact checks!"

 And 107 Studies on Vaccines


  1. Can you recalculate using the new numbers??

    1. I did an update for you

  2. Can you recalculate using the new data from July ?


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