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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

CDC Comes Clean: New Fatality Rate Is A Shocker! On Bitchute, because It Won't Last on YouTube for Long



  1. stock says;
    "I can't make heads or tails of what you are saying".

    Explain to me what you don't understand or do I have to break it down word by word in terms of 8th grade English sentencing structure?

    To be clear; posting is commenting but commenting is not necessarily posting.

    Definition: Post
    verb (used without object)
    Digital Technology.
    to submit an online message to a message board or electronic mailing list. to place text, images, etc., on a website.

    "to place text, images, etc., on a website" Can you understand this stock?

    You wonder why people don't comment? Your commentators are Ms. Frill (who must say is well spoken), Alan Donaldson who loves words and several other drive by posters who want you to visit their web sites and never post again. Wonder why?
    I'll give you an example.

    You said that you’re the inventor of noise reduction technology, while flying to Hawaii in 1982.

    Explain to me how you can call yourself an inventor, when you have no documentation of your idea, no patent, no working model, you only had an idea. If this is the case then every human being on planet earth is an inventor. Inventors have diaries in which they write down their ideas and develop it over time. Do you have a diary? Has anyone attested to these facts in your diary? I have several "invention diaries" with dates and 3rd party (my attorney) signatures attesting to the fact that I am the author of said ideas.

    I am an inventor with several patents to my name, by the way that I wrote. All you have is an idea that you can't prove.

    But for shits and giggles let’s say you’re an inventor or at least you think you are but you have no proof. Anyone can say or claim what you are saying, but that does not make it truthful or factual.

    All you had was an idea but you want to be an inventor so you make up a story and in your mind it is true. You tell the world through your web site that you’re an inventor.

    My current work is in the field of reverse engineering. But I don't call myself an engineer because that's not true unless I'm working on aircraft and I am an engineer with qualifications from the U.S.A.F. When speaking with clients the first question they ask is; Are you published? Which means are you an inventor with patents. That proves credibility in the field, but am I any good at it. I think I am but that question is left up to my clients. Proof is in the pudding and I've made a lot of pudding.

    In the end you are an unpublished want to be inventor. What does this accomplish? It satisfies your ego by twisting the truth and making up stories. This leads to self-gratification because no one can dispute your version of a bullshit claim. This is what a narcissistic person does.

    Definition: narcissistic

    Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism.,lack%20of%20empathy%20for%20others.


  2. @Anonymous, April 28, 2021 6:33 pm
    (Aren't The Power$ That Be [TP$TB] all "anonymous"?)

    This particular "anonymous" wrote: "You wonder why people don't comment? Your commentators are Ms. Frill (who must say is well spoken), Alan Donaldson who loves words and several other drive by posters who want you to visit their web sites and never post again. Wonder why?"

    Once a "visiting scientist" in Canada, I had occasion to hit the wire services, the next morning's newspapers, and, for a week longer, radio and TV airwaves for my professionally personal 15 minutes of fame (more precisely, notoriety). The President | CEO of a major insurance company, then chairman of the board of our small, non-profit research foundation, repeated hoary though still sage business advice to the deeply shaken Executive Director. He told my boss that "All news, bad or good, is good news. Just make sure they correctly spell your name and your organization's name. What seems negative today will prove positive advertising tomorrow." I regret to observe that this anonymous got the spelling of my name wrong. Dang!

    In my opinion, the quality, timeliness, and DEPTH of coverage of major contemporary issues -- like what we refer to, vaguely, as "COVID" -- draws individuals, one by one, often by word of mouth and by example. I visit stock's site for that, "Anonymous". I leave a comment -- or post a comment -- because I have something I think worth adding -- or, just as often, something worth subtracting!

    I have had my share of run-ins with trolls who, unlike my practice, prefer anonymity -- some who may even "follow me around" for an occasional hit-and-run, like the "knock-out game" all the rage in certain locales. I get judged and marginalized by ostensibly like-minded others, for example, a certain thread on Cutting Through the Fog devoted as much (a) to celebrating the on-going work and expressed opinions of the ever perspicacious Miles Mathis as (b) to viewing through narrowly and rigidly focused blinders current events and developments. I just tap the dust from my virtual shoes and trek on through the desert, looking for keen- and open-minded spirits like stock here at, eager to share a glass of water half full while providing good data during a CON-fusing time.

    Thanks, Anonymous! I could not have done that without you! May the truth of the myth of Narcissus dawn upon you one fair, sunny morning! Be careful not to stick your nose too far under what appears "silvered glass".

    1. My apologies for misspelling your name Alan. I do appreciate your attention to detail, in Snydley Whiplash prose!!
      My reason to remain anonymous is obvious and present if you have read my reasons previously presented. Sign in with your name and Google has your address and the sky's the limit for bad actors. Maybe for you the risk of exposing your name, middle initial C, is of little consequence, however in my line of work anonymity is spelled out on paper with real signatures, with real consequences. My patent assignments and my work in reverse engineering are all strictly confidential and secret. If you break the contract there will be financial consequences and with potential vendors joining in could bankrupt me.
      Your remark of all news, bad or good is good news, is not appropriate in all endeavors and cannot be all encompassing to the art of business.

      Your run-ins with trolls is your perception of your truth, not mine. If you knew the truth of stocks and my relationship that goes back 10 years to Fukushima and ENE, you might understand. Emails were exchanged and I can tell you that stock is only interested in himself. He wanted to insert something that was not true in my investigation. He is not trustworthy of anything he says. He called for a boycott of ENE for 24 hours and he started posting 8 hours later and was called on the carpet by other people on the site, that he was not trustworthy as he broke his own words.

      What you probably didn't see is how many times he deleted my posts. Sound, logical and respectful posts with varied links. I would like to show you but stock deleted them.

      I'm pleased that you find stocks posts so truthful, powerful and cutting edge, however I don't. Your last paragraph is telling and threating in a snotty way, that only a confused angry scientist could put to prose!

      May the truth of the myth of Narcissus dawn upon you one fair, sunny morning! Just what the hell does that mean? "Truth of the myth", is an oxymoron and used here is a predicate rendering the remaining words worthless. Your last sentence is threating but coming from a spineless scientist I'll take it as a compliment.
      P.S. Stick to science and quit trying to write like Zane Gray. Very boring.

    2. Thank you, Sir Anon, for the pleasure and kindness of your response to my comment. I had not fully appreciated that your relationship with stock preceded my own by many moons indeed. In that context, please excuse my inadvertent intrusion in what seems your personal, long-running soap opera.

      Wrong set! Stop the cameras! Get 'im outta here!

      Thus I shall duck out stage right (or stage left, whichever may please the most). In passing from the dreary scene, I note here that not only the (unforgivable!) misspelling of my name -- one wants neither to fool Mother Nature with margarine nor to mislead Big Brother with a lame "name change"! -- but also your detailed, in-depth, thoughtful exposition of "narcissism" caught my attention. Thus I append below what I hope proves an informative answer to your salient question "Just what the hell does that mean?"

      Like parables and other kinds of "folk stories" -- though not especially the variety published by the Brothers Grimm -- myths enwrap a grain of Truth in a tasty, sometimes sugary bundle of child-like goodness. Over time, the camouflaged coating can wear thin, begin to peel, revealing more than (then) Power$ That Be might wish so accessible to the unwashed. Depending on the magnitudinousness of the Truth so involved, this may occasion efforts spanning a century (or more!) of "spinning" (think spiders and deceptive webmaking, or squids and inky obscurantism), misdirecting and malinforming, and, yes, directly "blackwashing" the concept at the core of the truth-conveying myth. Hence my well wishing for you: "May the truth of the myth of Narcissus dawn upon you one fair, sunny morning!"

      To that end, I recommend the 21-day course called "Mirror Work" developed and extensively applied by Louise Hay. As I did, you may find the first day's exercise the toughest hurdle to completing the course of study of Self! May the Spirit of Narcissus guide and protect you!

    3. Ok, I give. I’m taking my brain and going home, along with my toys. I have never responded to you on this site and for good reason. It started with your word salad stuff. You should fix that my brother. I thought that you are intelligent and learned or just bat shit crazy. You sir are a pleasure to engage.

      I only comment on this site to refute stocks crazy conspiracy theories, which I disregard, but for stock to add his two cents and type out misinformation gets my ire. I’ve asked him to just tell the truth. Take for instance covid and telling people not to get a shot. Then supporting his remarks, with more bullshit comments. There are people out there that see this and believe stock. Then what happens when they get sick and possibly die? Stock is not a doctor and he is playing with fire and peoples lives. The truth matters. I shall not go away for damn sure.

      Knowing that you would engage me, I saw my chance to plant the seeds of misdirection in stocks head, that now has him searching for just who I am. I gave him the clues.

      We can both agree that our comments should be directed to the site and not at each other. It’s just respectful.
      Mirror Work is the new version of the teachings of the A.M.O.R.C. or Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, beginning 3rd degree. Therein is a candle, a mirror and incense transforming one’s mind to that which they seek.
      I now have miles to go before I sleep.

    4. You are curious for sure, and I don't give a shit who you actually are. But an intersting product of liberalism (the new one, controlled by the left). Most anti-nuclear are liberals, which is maybe 30% of my personality. That doesn't prevent me from also seeing the truth, which for most liberals seems almost like a mental illness that cannot see cause and effect.

  3. Woman paralyzed 12 hours after getting first dose of Pfizer vaccine, doctors searching for answers

    1. Yep, explained to a neighbor, she is now shunning the Vax.


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