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Monday, April 12, 2021

"I got home to Canada yesterday. The fresh hell I walked into after arriving in the Vancouver British Columbia Airport.

Apparently FB removed her post, but it is still available under Permalink


Virginia Pollock on Facebook

describing our new Chinese
 Communist Society

From Facebook
April 3 at 6:24 PM 

H/T Simon Hicks

"I got home to Canada yesterday. I must tell you about the fresh hell I walked into after arriving in the Vancouver British Columbia Airport.

Our airplane flew into Vancouver from Seattle and we were immediately made to walk in a single file. There were no more than 30 of us. The airport was totally empty like a huge tomb. There were absolutely no people in offices or stores. There was a chilling effect to this great emptiness and quiet.

As we were walking in single file on either side along this chosen path were guards about every 20 feet keeping us contained on path. The guards were Chinese in Airport Security uniforms. I wanted to take a picture but I was sternly warned not to take any pictures. I asked if I may use the woman’s facilities and having to go off path I was escorted by a Chinese woman in the uniform of the Airport Security. I have Chinese friends but this felt very different. It was unnerving coming back to my country to be made to file one after another with Chinese guards keeping us in line and directing us. After seeming to walk a mile we ended up at 3 Booths each with 2 Chinese guards. The top was surrounded by glass with a small cut to pass papers through. I had an emergency medical appointment due to an accident that effected my disability. I was in great pain and the Doctor was willing to see me for special circumstances. I had to come home immediately.

I was finally told by a guard to approach the booth and show my Covid Test( negative of course or I would not be allowed on the flight) . Then I saw behind the both a long row of Canadian Policemen. A wall of Police.

The very young Chinese fellow at the booth said that he didn’t care about my circumstances or disability but I could go along to the next two booths that had 2 white healthcare nurses in each booth.

I then spoke to a young lady whom I thought would allow me to get to my specialist. I was in a physically bad way was told to take a chair just in front of another group of Police. It was so intimidating to be there. It was the great number of guards and doubled by the polices presence. It was actually scary. I felt like I was in a kind of nightmare movie because it was unreal. There was something so militaristic yet undefined on the surface. The Canadian police were at attention with nothing to do. I felt like they were hoping for something to take away their boredom. I immediately felt like I was at their mercy.

After at least one hour, which felt like a week I was worried I would miss my special appointment. Of course I swore to uphold isolation and all the regulations like phoning in to report my isolation daily, because Canadians can’t be trusted I guess I finally went to ask the nurse if I could leave. She told me that the very young Chinese guard in the first booth said that he didn’t agree and I had to go to their choice of detention centre. I was floored and asked if she could do something. No the Chinese guard said no! The Canadian Health Canada nurse obviously got orders from him. Well. I was so shocked that I wasn’t allowed my medical emergency care.

I said well I have to try and make my appointment because it was beginning to be painfully unbearable. All she said was that I could call for an ambulance see a paramedic and wait until my detention was over. I thought that a nurse would know that in cases of specialist treatment a paramedic is of no help.

I had to say I must leave and I’ll deal with the consequences later. It’s a $3000.00 fine.

I grab my suitcase that was sitting alone outside the deserted luggage pick up and realized that 2 police men were on either side of me. They escorted me away from the exit to another row of people in a long booth. Their were about 10 people manning whatever this was. I was brought up to a lady who said before you go you need the Covid test. I said yes. Let’s do it please. Then she insisted I answer questions. At least the police man gave me a chair. I was going to miss my appointment for sure now.

The first thing this lady said after name address etc etc that was right on her computer was “ What Covid hotel are you booked at?” None. Please I really need to hurry. May I have my test. No. Then I actually began to cry. I just couldn’t help it. My pain and worry we’re building up. I calmed down and the lady said “ let’s continue “Now what Covid hotel are you going to ?” I said none. I got up to go to the testing tent. Then three police were around me. I was trapped and now I thought if I overreacted they are going to put me in a jail cell. I asked them” what’s going on?” If you don’t do what you are told we will take you to jail.” That was just too much. I sat back down and the lady asked me “ what Covid hotel are you booked in?” Again! Then I stood up and said please ticket me and let me go. Oh no. Then a male nurse with the three police came around me. He obviously saw I was in distress, shaking and sweating and I was on the verge of tears again. I’m not usually like this but I was in a bad way. This was just abusive now. So I have to answer the questions. I kid you not the lady said. “ ok now. What Covid hotel are you booked into?” Wow. Such abuse of power and contempive behaviour!

I stood up and said. “Oh no you don’t. “And made my way to the test tent. There were about 10 Chinese women doing the tests. The nurse from the front was then there along with to two policemen shadowing me. I was finally led to a chair and a Chinese nurse swabbed my nose. I got up after thanking her very politely and made my way to go to the exit. Now the nurse and one officer escorted me then another officer came up while I was still not outside the roped in test area. I wasn’t sure if they weren’t going to take me down and off to jail. All of these police and Chinese guards and Chinese testers for small handfuls of people who all test negative coming home ! They must be assholes for doing the governments work especially when the real power lays with the 3 Chinese men in the first booth. It was plain to see that there was an incredible amount of “ hate” and distrust for anyone who dared leave our country when orders were to stay masked and locked up during Trudeaus great Communistic Power Play to prove to his Global Elites that he has his foot ready to squish anyone who dares not to be abused, used and punished in Trudeaus new FIRST POST NATIONAL STATE.

The nurse then said “ I have to give you instructions as she handed me a non compliance form. At this point I just laughed and said “ what are you doing here. You don’t make medical decisions you just sign off on what that young man tells you and he sure as heck isn’t a nurse or doctor. So you just abuse seniors who have disabilities! Just leave me alone. I shook them off and finally escaped from my first brush with a look at what the people in Canada are letting happen.

What country did I land in? Well that sure wasn’t Canada. God only knows what we are in for. The Chinese run the place. What else are we not seeing. With the Chinese Communist Huawei G5 spy system up and running across our country now, installed during our first lockdown. Victoria is building a Chinese Museum honouring the Chinese and let’s not forget about a little virus called Covid-19 that set all of these new communistic power moves in motion and the death of old useless seniors like me, I ask what next."


Greencrow Comments:  Full blown Chinese-style communism, complete with the Chinese guards and officials!  Where are these Chinese coming from and where are they staying?  Who is paying them?  I've warned readers several times that my spideys have advised the Globalist perpZ will be bringing in "millions" of Chinese soldiers/guards to "mop up"--after the complete subjugation of all Canadians.

Now, here's something else my spideys told me recently and it may or may not be related to the story above.  Remember the video I posted last week that went viral about Alex the Comic here in Vancouver loud-hailing from a vehicle on Robson Street?  Alex was then attacked by a fiendish Chinese man who threw his bicycle at Alex's window, shattering it.  Well, I had the strange feeling that I'd seen the face of that Chinese attacker before.  I thought he looked uncannily like the man in the photo below, Vince Li, who attacked a young man onboard a Greyhound bus in Central Canada one night more than a decade ago now [July 30, 2008], cut off his head and ate his heart.  

This attacker then spent a very short period, relatively speaking, in jail before he was given an "absolute discharge".  According to subsequent reports, he changed his name and sunk back anonymously into society.  I wrote about him on this blog and speculated that he might be some sort of MKULTRA asset who was tasked with destroying Greyhound bus service across Canada...which he did.  There is no more Greyhound bus service in Canada and other public bus service has been severely limited.

I said at the time it was to cut the ties that bind Canadians and prevent "ordinary joes" from travelling the country.

Vince Li Greyhound Bus Killer
Set free after a few years, changed his name
and now lives among us

Now, folks, look at the screen shot photo I took of the Bicycle Attacker on Robson Street.  See if these two don't have an uncanny resemblance:

Screen Shot of "Bicycle Man"
who attacked "Alex the Comic" on Robson St., Vancouver

Yes, folks there is an uncanny resemblance!  And, here's the kicker.  Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante, in his latest video, shows the video about the bicycle attack incident and then makes a very strange comment about the attacker.  Berwick says:  words to the effect:  "Now who exactly is this bicycle attacker?  Word is, that he's "someone important" and we're looking into this."

Well, too late, Jeff.  The greencrow spideys already looked into it.  He's the psycho who ate the young bus traveller's heart!  IMO.  Prove me wrong, folks.  I would love to be proved wrong on this one!


  1. Bullshit, fake article. Where's the juice?

  2. Apparently FB removed her post, but it is still available under Permalink


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