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Monday, April 19, 2021

Only Traitors Drink Coca-Cola

 h/t to The Point Man....

A description of where we are, and a suggestion of "at least boycott the fucking corporations that carry water for the Cabal".....  Coca-Cola.

Sorry -- Major League Baseball too, read the Georgia story below.   It matters.



If like me you’ve ever watched the fix going into some game or contest, you know how it works, and that applies from venues as diverse as The Gardens or Capitol Hill. First comes the blatant fix complete with bribed officials obviously looking the other way, then the but-but helpless outrage and finger stabbing from the swindled punters at the outrageous thing the officials just let the fixers get away with, and finally the retort of how dare you make such scurrilous accusations from the very people who rigged the whole damn thing in the first place.

They get away with it because they’ve corrupted all the officials who’re supposed to be ensuring it’s all done by the rule book. More importantly, the real reason they will get away with it is they’re relying on something that’s very much about you. You’re small, loud, powerless but have the pleasingly short attention span of an annoying insect buzzing around them. You’ll eventually calm down after a bout of pulling out of hair, rending of garments, internecine fighting and outrage but finally you’ll simply exhaust yourself and can’t be bothered with the whole thing any more.

The thing to remember though, is that the fix is always done for money. Always.

If like me you saw the fix go in on the election evening of November 2020, then you’ll recognise the aftermath of tarting it up as all somehow respectable and above board, but with some slight differences due to the times we live in. If you mention it was all a fix in mass media or social media, you’ll get censored or simply banned completely. Complain to your local Republican politician? He’s probably a swamper and a collaborator as well. You want to complain via the courts? Pointless, the fix is in all the way up from your local bought and sold Soros DA right up to Epstein’s frequent fliers on the Lolita Express to Pleasure Island who now sit for life on the SCOTUS.

As for getting the result reversed, you know when a whole bunch of volunteers in a state propose going from door to door and asking everyone in it if they voted and if they wouldn’t mind saying which way they went, and the swamp moves to sue the ass off them, there is no doubt the Big Steal happened.

At face value a hopeless situation for you as an individual, so walk away, but let’s take a step back from the situation and think about what they’re trying desperately by all means of propaganda to convince you of, because that’s exactly what they’ll be trying to stop you from doing. You’re not a member of some vanishingly small minority of conspiracy nutters feeling increasingly isolated. You know what you saw and you’re not alone in that, and that’s not going to go away any day soon.

You’re not a minority, or even a part of a 50:50 split of the country because if that was the case, the Big Steal wouldn’t have been necessary in the first place. You’re in the majority, you’re still angry about it, and in no mood to going back to swallowing all the fake news garbage and propaganda you’d previously accepted without much of a thought most of your life. That genie is well and truly out of the bottle and in the mood for some payback.

What they’re really afraid of is that vast majority of people doing the one and only thing they can’t stop or prohibit them from doing that would really hurt the regime – exercising their consumer choice about what products they will or will not buy. Remember, it’s all about money, which in your case is the steady flow of money out of your pocket and into theirs. It may be nickels and dimes, but coming out of enough pockets it certainly mounts up.

Yet another part of nailing down the Big Steal is stopping individual states ensuring by some basic electoral reforms that it’ll be impossible to repeat the trick again. At least not in their state. Georgia has just enacted laws requiring voter IDs and other measures and the regime, lacking any credible federal method of outlawing a state making legislation to restore some confidence in the voting system, has resorted to using their cronies in big business and the sports industry to punish Georgia. The big MLB all star game has been taken from the state and moved elsewhere.

A swathe of big companies, all controlled by the oligarchs behind the coup, have lined up to condemn both the electoral legislation and the state in general. There’s about a hundred of them with a few big name brands leading the charge. Foremost amongst those is Coca-Cola, already infamous for it’s “try not to be so white” political re-education of its employees. Despite heavy censorship by the regime’s propaganda machine, there’s enough blow back leaking through in both social media and the free internet to indicate how angry people are with the whole MLB franchise and these big companies politicising and interfering with their lives.

A lot of blowback expressed in different terms, but the one that really caught my eye for its beautiful simplicity was “Get woke, fuck Coke”. It expresses the anger of someone being lectured down to by a company that produces a sugary carbonated water drink that rots your children’s teeth and by contributing to the obesity epidemic, will chop a few years off the back end of their natural life expectancy.

But the deeper meaning for me as a consumer of the occasional burger and coke was that from now on I’ll never buy a Coca-Cola again. It’s a brand that’s dead to me. I’ll insist on a substitute or simply go without. If enough consumers make that simple choice, their next quarterly earnings report will be a bloodbath. Knock those smug preachy corporate bastards right off their cushy perch of obscenely huge salaries and multi-million dollar easy share option packages. Destroy Coca-Cola. Make drinking it or being seen drinking it a Jane Fonda degree of betrayal of America.

Show them the extinction level event of damage the Golden Goose can do to their bottom line when the Goose gets pissed off at them.


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