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Monday, April 12, 2021

Woke Corporations Are Simply A Proxy / Supplement To The Installed US Gov, In Violating Your Rights, Your Future

 stock here, saw this as a comment, sometime they are so true.....

You're almost there....They are doing this because they are an acting proxy of the government. 

Just like our SOCTUS friend Roberts, these slimy corporate CEOs are all compromised & controlled.  

It's lose your job, career, family, money, face blacklisting, ect or comply.  

They are doing what the Govt cannot actively do YET.  Policies they cannot yet enact by law they are doing by Proxy through corporate pressure on the public.  

Expect this to get much much worse.  The govt cannot yet segregate/punish those who do not comply with mandates or "wrong think" but you WILL feel it.  

Its 100 Corporations now.  In a couple more months it will be 1000 corporations.  Then it will be small business pressured to act or be cutoff from accounts, card services, delisting, surges in negative reviews, supply cuttoff, ect.  

Trust me they are just getting started and you will soon see it affect your life.  

Think coupons for good behavior, discounts for compliance, store credits for reporting on someone.  Can you imagine now how possible this is, how likely it is.  This is the way  

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