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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

EMF An Important Danger to Understand / 4G 5G

Sent in by a reader, looks like "active cancelation" of EMF.   I have not deep dove on this one.    It would seem to me very hard to achieve.


Here’s what participants of Electro-Pollution Fix will learn (subject to change):

Week 1: Introduction & EMF Basics

Radiofrequency, EMFs, magnetic fields, dirty electricity… this can get confusing very fast. This first session will be a real relief from the EMF lingo confusion, and one you do not one to skip even if you've been studying the topic for a while.

Week 2: Minimizing Artificial Light

Artificial light is one of the most underrated and ignored type of EMFs, but its effects on sleep and overall health is undeniable. As you'll learn in this session, artificial light is also a type of EMF you can strategically introduce to family members first to get them on board.

Week 3: Combatting Wireless Stress

The average house in the US has 11 devices emitting stressful but silent wireless radiation. What about yours? This session will help you minimize your exposure from all these EMF sources that are often hidden in plain sight.

Week 4: Electric Fields & Dirty Electricity

Electric fields and dirty electricity are two types of EMFs that are often ignored — but that can have a dramatic impact on your sleep quality and overall health. After applying a few of the strategies you’ll learn during this session, expect one of the best nights of sleep you’ve had in a long while.

Week 5: Avoiding Magnetic Fields

If low-level Magnetic Fields have been classified a “Class 2B” carcinogen since 2002 and linked with childhood leukemia… why are almost all electricians not even aware of the risks they represent? This session will help you minimize your exposure to these fields that can have serious impacts on your health in the long run.

Week 6: 5G, Cell Towers & Outside Electro-Pollution

What can you actually do to fight electro-pollution *outside* the home? Is there anything you can really do about 5G being installed everywhere? Are there more advanced shielding solutions you can explore? This session will greatly reduce the anxiety you might feel towards these outside sources of EMFs and feel empowered to use technology in a safer way.


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  2. FROM The Ship Stock:
    Like Reverse Osmosis for water a coherent transformer (resonator)to help protect from electromagnet smog.

    1. Interesting! I invented active sound cancellation whilst on a flight to Hawaii in 1982.

      This looks very similar

    2. Would like to see your invention abstract. Bose invented a noise cancellation device (headset) in 1970, as did Lear. You weren't even born in 1982, you liar.

    3. Typical bullshit they didn't beat me....

      In 1978, Dr. Amar Bose – sound engineer, MIT professor and founder of Bose Corporation – was flying from USA to Switzerland when he was offered headphones by the airplane staff to listen to music on flight. But, in the constant drone of the airplane engines, and with no way to escape that drone, he could not enjoy the music. In fact, he could barely hear it. He fetched a paper napkin and began scribbling on it with his pen to see if it was possible to design headphones that could remove this noise. The company claims that the mathematical calculations that began in that flight, thousands of feet above the Atlantic Ocean, gave birth to a new era in the science of noise reduction and cancellation. Excited by his early calculations, as soon as Dr Bose returned from his trip to Europe he formed Noise Reduction Technology Group to work on this technology specifically. This, as they say, was history in the making.

      On December 14, 1986, another plane – a two-seater private voyager – took off for from a desert in Southern California. It remained in the sky for 9 days 3 minutes and 44 seconds exactly and, on December 23, became the world’s first airplane to fly across the whole world without stopping or refueling even once. Its two record-setting pilots, in order to increase their endurance levels, were wearing prototype headphones that used noise-cancellation. They were developed by none other than Bose’s Noise Reduction Technology Group.

    4. I'm right again and they beat you. Prove that you invented noise reduction you liar. Your just a 28 year old trying to be as narcissistic as you usually are. Your a fraud and if you didn't lie in your previous statement; "Interesting! I invented active sound cancellation whilst on a flight to Hawaii in 1982.", ok then prove it and stop deflecting the question. From your comment above, your almost 60 years old and I doubt that very much.


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