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Friday, April 9, 2021

Discussion on the Narrative Circulating On The Two "Sides" -- Left versus Right, et al

Funny how the lib types, the true believers in the system, might "play nice" for a question or even two....and then they will say "this is not productive, not wasting my time", or attack you with ad hominem, or dismiss your source without even an accusation much less an argument. I am amazed that this personality types actually function in our society. I think the lack of saber toothed tigers around must have allowed this type of defective personality to flourish, where it would otherwise be quite rare like an ENTJ

A new one seen today is that because you believe there is a Cabal that wants power, control, and wealth, that you are therefore irrational, in fear, and therefore you cannot think at all and you just cherry pick data. You know, just because you are paranoid does not mean that the bastards are plotting to get you......

I did like this Q-anon description written by a gamer. There may be some truth to it. I have considered the Q-anon "thing" to be a LARP, a live action role playing is the definition, but a LARP also seems in my view to be definable as a "fake story" a myth if you may.

If you read the above article, you can see some truths. But in the end they finish off with --

It’s easy for people to forget that they are not discovering the story, but creating it from random data.

And I have umbrage with that. It goes along with the other deflection, misdirection in trying to get you to think that "how can you know anything at all" especially when you say there is fake news everywhere.

Rather than being cock sure that something is clear, AND that something needs to be done...."they" want you to be unsure.

They also misquote some Q stuff, by partial quoting it, thus taking it out of context. I'll put that in another article. Maybe.


---------------------- And this is what rational "libs" think

the fear of THEM is what drives your decisions. It makes you cherry pick, it makes you irrational. Where is the evidence of a widespread conspiracy to enslave people beginning with mask wearing? There is none, it does not exist, nothing credible anyways. I mean, just think about it for ten seconds. Masks make facial recognition MUCH more difficult, which is by far the easiest way to track people en masse - just ask China. So why would THEY want us to wear masks? It's nonsensical. Your fear makes you irrational. It makes you cherry pick. It makes you see bogeymen in the shadows. In reality, everything is almost certainly just as it seems. The virus is not manmade, it is dangerous enough to justify lockdowns, masks and a rapidly developed vaccine, and all of the events since last February are easily explained as humanity muddling its way through a crisis as well as we can. Ever heard of Occam's Razor? The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. It's a good guiding principle, you should try it.


Occam's Razor has a cool name, but beyond that there is nothing behind the "theory" and just who operates the razor? The reality is that with advances in technology, automation, robots and AI, we should all be working 10 hour weeks.

The other reality is that the controllers of our world have successfully stole all the wealth created. have you heard of "The Great Reset", and the "New World Order"? They are quite open about their intentions, and they need a Reset, a new monetary system so they can dump the old one they have fully plundered and make a new one they can plunder again. The new one uses an old product called SDR's

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  1. Hegelian dialectics and its modern, more sophisticated variants -- perhaps most adroitly implemented for the COVID Caper -- depends heavily on one taking one side or the other -- WHICH side makes little difference, only that sufficient numbers take one or the other! For example, great efforts continue to ensure that VACCINATED and NOT VACCINATED populations exist for the next stages of the on-going SCAMdemic.

    Like the "middle class", which makes interplay between "elite" and "serfs" much more difficult, eliminating "shades of gray" seems key in strategic, dialectical planning. "Moral relativism" serves its purpose in the dialectical process, if only (1) to BLUR black-white distinctions not yet fully operative or (2) to establish additional layers of dialectics! Think LGBTQNP+, "binary and non-binary genders", and gender-bending hormone treatments of young children! How many fault lines can you ascertain in that single example?

    My point? Stand your ground on the line in the sand drawn to separate us.


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