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Monday, April 12, 2021

These are all deaths correlated to COVID Jab In Wisconsin

 These are all deaths correlated to COVID Jab In Wisconsin

Estimates that only 0.8% to 2% of Adverse Events gets reported to VAERS

Adverse Event Description

Resident had body aches, a low O2 sat  and had chills starting on 12/30/20. He had stated that they had slightly improved. On 1/1/21 he sustained a fall with a diagnosis of a displaced hip fracture. On 1/2/21 during the NOC shift his O2 sat dropped again. He later went unresponsive and passed away.

No adverse effects noted after vaccination.  Patient with cardiac history was found unresponsive at 16:45 on 1/6/21. Abnormal breathing patterns, eyes partially closed  SPO2 was 41%, pulseless with no cardiac sounds upon auscultation.  CPR and pulse was regained and patient was breathing.  Patient sent to Hospital ER  were she remained in an unstable condition had multiple cardiac arrest and severe bradycardia and in the end the hospital was unable to bring her back.

Patient received vaccine on 1/4/2021.  He was in Hospice for CHF and renal failure, but was able to get up in his wheelchair and eat and take medications and talk.  On 1/5/2021 am, he was noted to be very lethargic an could only mumble, could not swallow.  No localizing neurologic findings.  He was too lethargic to get up in chair.

Resident found unresponsive and without pulse at 05:45am.

On 1/15/2021 at 1800, resident noted to be lethargic and shaking, stating ""I don't care."" repeatedly. C/O head and neck pain. T100.6. Given Tylenol with no relief of pain. Order received for Aleve and administered.. Assisted to bed as usual in evening. Monitored during night shift and noted to be resting comfortably/sleeping.. Noted agonal breathing at 4:10 AM 1/16/2021 , T 99.4,  Absence of vital signs at 4:15AM 1/16/21 and death pronounced at 4:40AM 1/16/21.""

Pt received second dose of COVID vaccine on 01/20/2021 at 1430. At 1600 Pt developed a wet productive cough with coarse crackles. Pt ate dinner at 5 pm cough persisted. At 18:30 the nurse went to Pt's room to give him his medications. Pt still had a cough, denied shortness of breath. Pt was in a good mood and joking with staff. Pt asked to be shaved. At 19:45 Pt was sitting in the lounge and a CNA noticed that Pt was pale/white in color and clammy. 02 Sat was 85%. Respirations were labored. Pt was placed on 4 L of 02. Increased to 5 L via face mask and 02 sat was 89-90%. Ambulance was called at unknown time. Pt arrived at Medical Center at 2120 and was pronounced dead at 2127.

on 1/13/2021 at 3:40am Cliff called for assistance. He lost his balance and had fallen. Cliff refused vitals, refused emergency department, denied hitting his head.  As the day progressed patient developed a headache, diarrhea, and vomiting. He again declined the offer for the emergency room. At supper time wife and staff found Cliff unresponsive, 911 was called and he was taken to the emergency department. The ER did a CT scan and found an acute subdural hematoma. Patient was placed on comfort cares and expired at 3pm on 01/14/2021.  Cliff did not have a history of falls.

Rapid decline in health status, Elevated BP&P, posturing, loss of consciousness, Glasgow coma Scale 4  starting 2/1/2021, Deceased 2/3/21

Resident passed away in her sleep. No s/s of adverse events leading up to the residents death. Resident was previously declining- MD stated the vaccine had nothing to do with the death.

Resident reviewed for incident. Resident received the second dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine lot# 016M20A Exp 5/2/2021 on 2/5/2021 from clinic through pharmacy.  Resident had her temp/O2 taken on AM shift and was 98.6/93%, beginning PM shift 98.4/95%. A few hours later noted that resident to have chills and was shaking RN assessment completed and vitals taken resident noted to have temp of 102.2, oxygen 95%, pulse 110. Resident alert and oriented at that time and talking to staff. Reported findings to APNP with order to send to ER. 911 called, residents brother updated. Upon EMT arrival RN went down to residents room with EMT and resident had an emesis as resident was getting cleaned up resident went unresponsive. Pulse noted to still be present at that time, resident did briefly respond to sternal rub and then went unresponsive again. Resident full code and EMT transferred to gurney and said that if they lost a pulse in route that they would transfer to hospital B instead of hospital A being the closest facility. RN called brother and gave update. Facility notified from Hospital that resident had passed away.

Patient was given vaccine the following day he died ,

Patient had COVID vaccination on 2/3 with no adverse s/s before leaving unit.  Upon coming to treatment Friday 2/5 he reported to the RN that he had fallen on thursday 2/4 due to ""getting up fast""  did not hit head or hurt anything per RN discussion.  Began treatment without difficulty.  About 3/4 way through treatment was  talking with staff and became unresponsive - code was called and pt expired after 30 minute resuscitation efforts.""

We were informed by EMS that the patient was found deceased on 2/11/2021 at her home.  EMS states she was dead for some time, no medical care given.

Gentleman received his 1st Moderna dose on Thu. 2/11 at 0849.  Vaccination protocol was completed. Pt reported feeling fine, no fever, and that he had no allergies which would prevent him from getting the vaccine.  Pt played cards with friends later that day 2/11, but left at 1930 (normally plays late into evening) telling his companions he didn't feel well and his neck hurt.  A welfare call was completed on Sat. 2/13, and the patient was found deceased in the bathroom by his son.  It appears patient fell off toilet and hit his head on the tub. Pressure ulcer present under injection site. The presumed time of death was Thur. evening.


Patient was found at 6 AM on 01/21/2021 - he passed away during his sleep

Patient passed away within 60 days of receiving a COVID vaccine

Resident was having back pain but did have previous back pain prior too.

Resident started have chest pain on 3/02 and on 03/03 he was lethargic and wasn't eating or drinking Resident was on Hospice

Patient was admitted to Hospital on 3/1/21. Blood Sugar of 758. Patient diagnosis with Acute respiratory failure with hypoxia and acute heart failure and Metabolic encephalopathy. Patient put on ventilator and passed away on 3/2/21 at 17:04.

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Heart attack  Death

According to his daughter, patient did not appear to have any ill effects from his second COVID-19 vaccine on 03/09/2021. However, on 03/11/2021, he suffered what is suspected to be a fatal arrhythmia/myocardial infarction. It is unknown if there is any correlation to the vaccine.

Patient  seen and evaluated by PA-C. with myself.  We agreed on the clinical findings and implemented our plan together.  Please see PA's note for details.  All relevant procedures supervised. Patient arrived to the emergency department due to respiratory symptoms, hypoxic, reported that Wednesday he received his 2nd dose of COVID vaccine.  His initial workup was concern for NSTEMI with elevated troponin and peaked T-waves,  his chest x-ray concerning for COVID/pneumonia.  Patient initially tolerated oxygen by nasal cannula and sepsis protocol was started including IV fluid resuscitation that was done cautiously due to the concern of COVID with respiratory failure.  The biotics were given.  PA-C readdressed code status with patient who confirmed that his DNR DNI, she so contacted his daughter.   Patient had multiorgan failure including acute kidney injury, and pneumonia with respiratory failure +/- respiratory failure.  Due to the concern of NSTEMI patient was initially going to be transfer to was hospital and transfer was started.  Patient respiratory status started deteriorating and his blood pressure dropped slightly but improved after 500 cubic centimeters of IV fluid and he was also placed on a NIPPV. Around 6:00 p.m. patient has significantly desaturation and he discontinued himself NIPPV.   Due to inability to intubate patient, he was ventilated with BVM, patient is slowly improved saturation levels and was opening his eyes, he was placed on a non-rebreather.  At this point there is high concern of ARDS and due to inability to intubate or give for the respiratory support His daughter was at bedside and updated of current medical status and poor prognosis.  Patient continued deteriorating and at this point he had agonal breathing.   His daughter was at bedside and she was made aware of the futile prognosis of patient due to his respiratory failure.   Patient rapidly became bradycardic and went into cardiac arrest.   No CPR was done due to the DNI DNR status of the patient.  á Critical Care Procedure Note Authorized and Performed by: MD  Total critical care time: Approximately 30 minutes Due to a high probability of clinically significant, life threatening deterioration, the patient required my highest level of preparedness to intervene emergently and I personally spent this critical care time directly and personally managing the patient. This critical care time included obtaining a history; examining the patient; pulse oximetry; ordering and review of studies; arranging urgent treatment with development of a management plan; evaluation of patient's response to treatment; frequent reassessment; and, discussions with other providers. This critical care time was performed to assess and manage the high probability of imminent, life-threatening deterioration that could result in multi-organ failure. It was exclusive of separately billable procedures and treating other patients and teaching time. Please see MDM section and the rest of the note for further information on patient assessment and treatment. á PE:   VITAL SIGNS:   BP: 126/75   Pulse: (!) 122   Resp: (!) 40   SpO2: (!) 82 %   Temp: 98.1 ¦F (36.7 ¦C)   Height: 5' 8"" (172.7 cm)   Weight: 152 lb (68.9 kg) General:  Alert, nontoxic, in no acute distress. Lungs:  Clear to auscultation bilaterally. á CLINICAL IMPRESSION:  1. Sepsis with acute hypoxic respiratory failure and septic shock, due to unspecified organism (HCC)  2. Suspected COVID-19 virus infection  3. NSTEMI (non-ST elevated myocardial infarction) (HCC)  4. Multifocal pneumonia  5. ARDS (adult respiratory distress syndrome) (HCC)  6. Acute kidney injury (HCC)  á á Further care and disposition otherwise as outlined by PA. á     á     ED on 2/14/2021   Revision & Routing History   Detailed Report  Note filed date Mon Feb 15, 2021 á8:46 AM""

Patient had no known ill effects or complaints directly after receiving his first COVID-19 vaccine on 02/19/2021. However, on 03/21/2021, he was found deceased on his bedroom floor due to a suspected cardiac arrhythmia. It is unknown if there is any correlation.

Pt called son to let him know he couldn't breath around 2 AM.  Pts son showed up at his house 10 minutes later and ambulance arrived with in 20 minutes at 2:15

Patient received first dose of the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine on 1/19/2021 at an outside facility (no lot #, route, or site available to me in electronic charting).  Pt began having hypoxia, SOB, and a dusky appearance of extremities on 1/29/2021 and was brought by EMS to our hospital.  PT is a DNR and family had been looking into a hospice sign up due to dementia and general decline in the weeks prior to hospitalization.  Pt tested positive on admission for COVID-19 via PCR test on 1/29/2021.  Pt continued to have respiratory decline, was put on comfort care per wishes of family/advanced directives, and he passed away the evening of 1/30.

death- unexplained cause

Client was administered the vaccine while symptomatic (01/25/21) although client did not know he was symptomatic for COVID-19. He had been exposed to a family member who had tested positive and should have been in quarantine but wasn't either because it was not felt he was considered a close contact  by his family opinion or his family member never notified public health of this close contact...?. Clinet had presented to the ED following day after vaccination for shortness of breath and fatigue and an antigen test showed he was positive for COVID-19. He was sent home that same day 01/26/21. He was back in ED on 01/28/21 for worsening symptoms and admitted to hospital and later placed on ventilator. He passed away on 02/09/2021 (date of death was per his wife).

Pt suffered Cardiac Arrest and respiratory arrest on 2/9/21 and passed away at a local hospital. He had multiple health conditions likely contributing to this.  he arrested at home and CPR was attempted and unsuccessful. Pt received his Covid vaccine #1 on 1/27/21. No issues were noted after vaccine and was due for his 2nd dose next week. However, we were notified he passed away on 2/9/21.  Very likely death not at all related to vaccine but wanted to document as patient was in the middle of the covid vaccine series.

At 10:33 am Patient pushed her pendant for staff, staff arrived to her apartment and Patient was found unresponsive in her bathroom. Patient received her second COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine about 75 minuets prior to this, she had no adverse reaction's within the first hour of receiving the second dose. CPR was started until paramedics arrived, they took over and tried to resuscitate. Patient was pronounced dead at 11:33 am at scene.

Resident had slight/slow decline in health prior to vaccine but continued to be able to walk around with walker at community. The day of the vaccine she had a fever. 2 days after vaccine resident did not get out of bed all day and refused to eat. She had small amounts of orange juice as her blood sugar level was low due to not eating. Resident was diagnosed with a UTI and began an oral antibiotic. 3 days after and on day 5 after vaccine resident began feeling weak and had a fall on each day. The following day again resident spent the day in bed. The next day she was quite restless, was on the edge of her bed attempting to self transfer often throughout the day. Resident continued to be restless on the 10th of Feb, had further decline on the 11th of Feb. Resident passed away early the AM of Feb. 12th.

L hand edema, hematoma which burst and caused bleeding sending pt to the ER for pressure dressing and 2 stitches.  L hand and arm progressively got more edematous and bruised looking (severely black/blue/purple) and the hand continued to bleed and swell on 2/6/21.  Severe arterial and venous issues and apparent blood clots.  On 2/7/21 there were also lumps noted on left inner thigh.  Pt. stopped eating or drinking on 2/8/21 and expired on 2/12/21.

On the 25th he was home alone, he called 911 and let them know he thought he was having a stroke. EMS arrived and transported him to Hospital. It was massive stroke, he was not able to comprehend anything, he was put into Hospice the following day and passed away on the 27th. There was no autopsy preformed.

Patient passed away on 2/1/21 at the Health System. She was there for congestive heart failure (CHF) which had been a problem for her since contracting COVID-19 (symptoms began 10/29/20 and tested positive 10/30/20). She had been to see her medical provider several times after her isolation period as well as a few trips to the hospital for, what they called ""CHF flare-ups"". Her last hospitalization began on January 30, 2021. Her social worker reported on t1/31/21 that ""she would likely be returning in another day or two"".""

Pt tested Covid positive 2/8/2021.

2/182021: Witnessed cardiorespiratory arrest with PEA arrest upon EMS arrival

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