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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Epiphany! As The Pfizer Jab Dangers Became Obvious, The Chief Medical Officer Was Going Rogue, Instead He Was Instantly Sacked, and Replaced By This Beast

 What an odd time to replace their CMO Chief Medical Officer!    

Mace Rothenberg, M.D Sacked!

Sacked On Jan 5th, just weeks after their emergency approval for the Jab

Kind of interesting though, see video at bottom, 33 YO Mother Paralyzed 12 hours after the vaccine. 

And look what they replaced him with, an odd looking female with only academic experience.   I am sure she will just do what she is told to. 

An anonymous source indicated that he was sacked because he was going to tell the truth about the vaccine.   

It sure wasn't because he was taking a job elsewhere, he wasn't picked up by anyone until this Jewish firm in Israel offered him a job so that he didn't have to go write a book or something.

The new gal is not even listed as one of their scientists?   Weird


  1. Aida -- not doubt of operatic fame -- looks the spitting image of Scotty Pippin -- perhaps his sister?? -- that ugly son of a gun who played basketball like a wizard and second violin to Michael Jordan.

    1. LOL long in the face not good for humans but horses dont care


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