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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Lack of Alpha Male In Whitehouse -- Biden's Dog Bites Human 3 and 4 -- In Exile Now -- Dogs Are Great Judges Of Character But They Can Also Reflect Their Abusive Owners

What a tone deaf idiot.   Dogs DO NOT like being patted on the head.   They like to be petted, or a good belly rub.

Media runs cover for Biden's dog, calling the 3 year old a "pup" to justify all the biting incidents. Prior story stock here: 

I wasn't sure that it was worth it to toss out this story not in the MSM.

But it is part of the narrative....the narrative that "normal people are now in the whitehouse", Biden is a "dog guy" with empathy.   LOL

Remember the weird picture of Biden supposedly paying on the floor next to his dog on a dog pillow.   And the dog looks terrified, like "on no, the peanut butter trick again!".    Truly looks like an abused dog. 

Does anyone believe that Biden could get up off the floor, much less even get on the floor?    Biden's raised leg in the picture implies he was leaning on a desk or furniture and then they photoshopped him next to the dog, on the floor.   

Dogs without strong leadership can develop odd traits and biting people inappropriately.

------------------------------------------------ Here is the old story again

Joe Look Like a Normal Guy, Even Better A Dog Person, But the Dog is Horrified

This was put out 3 days ago by Naomi Biden on twitter 

It sure is an odd picture. 

Why is his left leg up so high?I mean if you were laying on the floor you wouldn't try to elevate one leg?    

Seems more like he was leaning against a table and then they photoshopped him into this picture.

The missing shadow from his left hand is curious.

And the pop-up cloth seems very intentional to create the idea that it is in front of his right arm.

I don't think Joe could get on the floor, at all, and certainly could not get up if he did.

I think it is fabricated to make Joe look like a normal guy, he is anything but.

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