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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

VAERS Is a Crappy System, And It's Totally Intentional, So They Can Pretend They Are Being Diligent

Its a crappy method of data collection, with no standardized format. It is intended to be crappy and it is, while also pretending that "we have a working system in place." The J&J is intentional misdirection, look here, not there, and the 1000% more jabs with the mRNA crap.

And of course the CDC is using "the pause" to show how VAERS "Works"

And here is the Cabal, The Hill, pimping for J&J

The Food and Drug Administration’s job is to protect the public from snake oil and dangerous drugs. But by telling all health care professionals to immediately stop giving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of one death in 7 million people, they have transitioned to paternalism. This is not botox, this is a life-saving medication. If the FDA applied that logic to other medications, we would not have antibiotics, Tylenol, or oral contraceptive pills. What ever happened to giving people the data and letting them make their own health decisions?

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