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Sunday, April 25, 2021

CDC Now Says Covid VAX Jab Is Linked With 348,600 Deaths in USA, And They Urge Pregnant Women to Get The Jab. Depopulate 2 Birds With One Stone!


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As most things of importance, I have been following this in depth, with many hours of personal research.    But lets cut to the chase.    The “average” vaccine over the course of the last 16 months, has about 10 deaths associated with it.

The COVID vaccine has over 3486 Deaths associated with it, in 4 months.    Shocked?   Its right here

These are reported through the VAERS system.    Presented is a table that shows
Death associated with each of the types of common vaccines in USA.   The ratios are what is important.    We don’t know how many adverse events are actually reported to VAERS, many medical personnel don’t even know the system exists.  

Has anyone on this email ever reported an event into VAERS?

Not me, although I have my own very bad reaction to the second Shingles vax I got last summer.    Also, the COVID Vax killed my Dad, I may have more on that later after I return from Hawaii shortly and talk to him.    He died and came back for “unfinished business”.   Totally serious, dead serious.     But neither event was reported to VAERS.     Studies have shown only 1 or 2% of events, including serious events get reported to VAERS.     Let that number sink in.   Some claim it to be as high as 10%, without backup.

Some will invariably say correlation is not causation, true, but if you read the reports of how the death played out, it is very clear in many cases that there was causation, including the Cytokin Storm.

I do believe that the CDC is now a rogue organization run by those with a nefarious slant to them.   For a number of reasons, as I do not believe that they are just that stupid to say the things they have been saying.  Including this recent one….CDC wants all pregnant women to get vaccinated, regardless of age or other factors.    Japan and other civilized countries is refusing the Jab to any pregnant women.     CDC data shows that 60% of US pregnant women have a serious side effect from the Jab, including 16% have their baby die in the womb with a week or two.   (First…do no harm) 

The COVID Vax Kills At A Rate 32 Times Higher Than The Average of Other Vaccines

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