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Monday, April 12, 2021

Trump Needed to Be A Strong Man To Take USA Back -- Reverse Pyschology Worked On Trump

 After O'Connell, Zerohedge, Pence all carried water for the Cabal in falsifying the election....Trump's only remaining course was to mobilize the Military.    But he should have used the military the day after the election, to secure everything related to the election.

But Trump was tricked.   By the continual narrative of "Trump is a dictator", Trump acted in a way no one could call him a dictator.


The simple means of defeating them is to respond with genuine aggression and contempt for peace.

But we are instead their opposite, we pretend to be tough, warrior types, but in reality, we shirk away from war, we fear even acts of intimidation.

We do so because they claim we are what we need to be to defeat them, this causes an irrational aversion in us to adopting such behavior, we constantly feel the need to prove that we are not what they claim us to be and in doing so, We are just as cucked as the common man.

We can never defeat such people, because we have been put off of what needs to be done in order to win a victory over them.

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I think this is exactly the ploy they used on Trump. Trump gave up the country to prove that "I am not a Dictator"

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