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Friday, April 9, 2021

Advanced Hit Piece On Q-Anon and Alex Jones

 An interesting article, using the principle that the best lie contain some truths

They only target one specific person, Alex Jones, who went viral with the SPARS 2025-2028 Video last week that we covered.

Interesting how they run cover for the FBI and CIA, lol

and this----

Does QAnon investigate Trump’s involvement with Epstein? With Satan?

uh, Trump's involvement with Satan?   Is that even a thing?  Maybe for those with TDS they just absorb this and accept it as Trump=Satan=Trans

They falsely quote a Q, by extracting only an interior part of the comment.    In context of the entire comment, this part makes more sense and is less fringy.


How many people are unaware of the ‘truth’ due to the stranglehold?

How must people be made aware of an alternate reality?

What are crumbs (think H-wood/DC)

Define ‘lead-in’ (think play)?

What has been occurring recently?

The stage must be set.

Crumbs are easy to swallow.




Read the whole "drop" here

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